So-called Wololo conversions and Abbasid personal conversions in 300pop, 400pop

Sorry for the bug report in very narrow, rarely situations.

Using tuning packs or/and (in) gamerules in advanced game settings that turn gaming rooms into 300 populations, 400pop, etc…, in that gaming rooms, so-called Wololo conversions and Abbasid personal conversions work as in highly damage attacking skills in over 200pop, not reached the max of populations.

in 300pop, this bug available(?) from 200pop to 299pop.

Hey @CanniestDrake51! Would you mind going into more detail here? I’m not sure I understand what you’re reporting.

Are you saying that in games where a mod has changed the maximum popcap above 200, Monks do a large amount of damage instead of converting?

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that bug requires mods with the function in popcap above 200 + an in-game player within condition pop above 200.
(*I’m still not checking this bug out in a new version)

I tested that(above 201pop conversions, not in standard rules) issue in a new version, it seemed that bug(?) is remained.

・that bug only in modding games.
・199pop or below in 201+pop rules : AoE4 works in no problems
・(in-game active) 200pop or above in 201+pop rules and that player owns empty pop rooms :
→Using abbasid Age4 conversions : always working as a highly damaged skill.
→Using Relic holding Wololos : sometimes making overpop conversion(s).

I think they are saying that in games with a pop limit of over 200, units converted by monks with relics or abbasid single conversions are programmed to instantly die. However, it would make sense for the units to be converted if pop limit is not yet reached.

Above 200 pop, single conversions by abbasid always kills, but mass relic conversions works ocassionally. (perhaps 195 + 10 works, bc the pop is still under 200?)

@CanniestDrake51 Am I close?

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its ok! anyway minor issues
I’ll make additive civs-adjustments in over-pop mods concidering conversions.

Thanks, all! I’ll log it so the team can take a look. Appreciate all of the extra info!

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