So, can we get access to the game as well

…since there are people still playing the game? At least give access for people who have already paid for it. I’m ok to waive my right for a refund in exchange for access, but I don’t think it’s fair for people who haven’t paid for it to be able to still play it, while everyone else is refused access.

I don’t think its based on people paying. I’ve pre-ordered and don’t have access.
The people still playing are just people who haven’t logged off.
Kind of a funny exploit but its not Relic’s/Microsoft’s intention.


Sorry, my English was off. I meant they should give access to people who preordered, in exchange for waiving their right for a refund. It’s not fair for some people to still play it, while others have to wait more than a month, especially if they already paid for it.

I think that has weird legal implications so they wouldn’t do that.

Its true its not that fair. However this wasn’t intentional. And these people have to keep their PCs on for an entire month to keep playing.

The sacrifices they make…

It’s similar to when you buy into a beta. I don’t see any weird implications.

I would also appreciate that.
We all know it is a beta version, you could still take the data which is created by letting people continue to play the beta.

But having some still playing while others can’t is boring :smiley:
Can’t wait to play this game :wink:


So at the moment there are 2 betas, one with closed access, without the ability to review and talk about it, and the other open to the stress test, otherwise I cannot explain that streams go to twitch?

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Basically, people who kept their games on didn’t get kicked out. (weird oversight on relic’s part)
So the people streaming are people that have had their PCs on since the test’s end.

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Let’s be honest guys, it’s just really amusing :smiley:


They should just shut down the servers.


I honestly don’t know why they haven’t.

I’m pretty sure they don’t really mind that much that some people are still playing. The purpose of the short timeframe of the stress test was so they could…stress test. So they had to try to get as many people as possible online at once. It doesn’t really hurt them that some people are still playing. If they wanted they could just do a little server reboot and people would get thrown out. Easy as that. SO the reason people could still play is it didnt really matter that much.


exactly, its a non issue really.

The servers are out btw. :slight_smile: All streams you see now are re-runs.

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Some of them are Reruns while others are live.
Specifically Szalamii1 was streaming live just an hour ago.

@RashEquation114 On the whole its not much hard done tbf. Its just odd to not clear the servers after the beta was over.

A lot of them will just eventually have to close their pc at some point so its fine.

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There are still live streams, and they obviously have enough opponents to keep playing.

Why would they have to turn off their PCs? A lot of people keep their PCs on sleep instead of turning them off. I wouldn’t see that as a problem.

I have trouble seeing someone keep their pc on for an entire month.

Nvm you’re right. It may be that they’ve shut down the servers on some regions and not others? I have no idea.

I realize they might be professional streamers, but surely playing non stop in this manner is a good way for them to get absolutely sick of the game before it even comes out officially?

There is no admin that can pick up this thread and answer something about it? @Licidy

Thank You.