So did SavageEmpire566 get let go?

You may not know of them, but they are active in taking in bugs to the developers in the Report a Bug section of these forums. They have been silent for a month at this point, coincidentally about a month after the news of letting go a massive portion of their workforce.

Additionally, some community managers were let go. You know, those that were only active in a discord server of maybe less than a hundred active people?

So, are the gloves off? Is there zero attempt at quality anymore? I doubt the game has been abandoned, but the radio silence is absolutely disgusting. What an utter failure of strategy.


I miss his replay, I hope he’s okay, I hope it’s not as you say, of course it could be as you say, but deleting some stuff in the forum doesn’t mean leaving the forum, since they have reddit, twitter and discord, even if they don’t answer us it doesn’t mean they are doing nothing, maybe they don’t answer us but they work a lot, who knows, they certainly don’t let us know anything, and from a business point of view they leave a dry mouth

Savage is an MS dev, not a Relic dev. MS had big layoffs at the start of the year (same as most of the tech sector), but barely any since then (apparently some in July, but all Washington based).

A general tip is that the studio they’re from is written next to their name - I’m pretty sure that’s accurate.

That said, I more than understand the frustration with the lack of communication. But I think this is jumping through too many hoops.


Yes, they also have the whole issue of buying Activision…

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If MS gets Activision and delivers us AOEIV like COD (with lots of basic features missing etc), I will never buy or play their games xD

Not really what I am getting at. I am not suggesting that he was one of the Relic employees that were let go, but rather that his absence says something about who in Relic’s department may have been.

SavageEmpire not being around suggests that there may have been critical folks in Relic’s bug department that were terminated, for Savage is seemingly not delivering those reports anymore. I also brought up Relic community managers who had not been present for the most part for a year, who were also let go.

It paints a really bad picture if these crucial cornerstones of handling a modern AAA game were cut entirely with no communication to us about it.


Ah, I see.

Based on the patch (and hotfixes) since S5, I’m personally they’re still relaying, tracking and fixing them. A lot of the last patch (other than balance tuning) was bugfixes, including one to the often-overlooked mod tools.

There’s obviously a lead time on these things, but I think the core issue here is just a lack of timely communication that makes stuff like Savage not posting more obvious when it happens. Or I could be completely wrong.


Yea, I don’t think it is conceivable for them to be ignoring bugs, but Savage did represent at least an effort on their part to show us that they were doing it. It is a weird scenario nevertheless, I am really curious to seeing what this all ends up culminating in. Wonder whats the hold up as well.


Yeah, I don’t think that’s going to happen anyway… remember that Activision bought Blizzard in 2008 and there you have SC2 complete with two expansions, more unique missions, and massively popular…

If the acquisition is successful, let’s hope MS improves the game and work environment.

Yeah, Phil Spencer is good, or he knows how to sell you the Xbox brand…

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idk man, i don’t have any trust in spencer, he was directly involved with ensemble fiasco back in 09

I have a sense that communication for the entire series has turned really bad since late last year. Maybe starting from the complete silence of the incoming DLC (RoR) for months.

Not sure what happened.


Was he? I thought that was Don Mattrick

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don mattrick was the main culprit but spencer and fair few others were also involved, catch being spencer wasn’t as high up back then as he is now, keep that in mind

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Ah interesting… I saw Spencer as a more pro-player CEO…

It would be really nice to get an answer from a dev about this. As it stands currently, it seems to me that bug reports are no longer being monitored and therefore won’t be fixed in the near future. I hope I am wrong and a dev could inform us about how the absence of SavageEmpire566 in the “Report a Bug” section doesn’t confirm that.

His last post is from 21st of June, so 2 months old.
That’s all we know.