So have we heard oficially whether or not building attacks not being targetable is on purpose or a bug?

Cause I want to know if this is something that will get fixed, or if this very bad and dumb deicision is here to stay. Rams and Longbowmen are so strong

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Game was casualized… A lot.

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I’ve heard rumors that it might be a bug but that is unofficial. Basically since forts and TCs have a rally point, they didn’t implement both rally point and targeted attack as seperate commands so it’s just not coded in (since when you try to attack the game thinks you are changing your rally point)

from experience with the engine since coh1 unless they reworked that specific part of it for coh3/aoe4, it’s not possible to give attack orders to a building that can produce units.

there were workarounds created by modders in previous essence engine games in the past for that issue.

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I think thats let rams and all in feudal viable, thats all. I prefer in that way, at least one chance to punish 2tc-fast Castle.


You can targetfire with towers/wooden fortresses/kremlin.

You can’t targetfire with keeps or towncenters.

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The fact that you can hop in and out of rams is what make them viable. It’s incredibly lazy that rams can just draw aggor and you are not forced to actually make units go inside the ram.

If that is the case, this is very, very bad.

Idk if the engine is based on the same engine from COH1 but aoe2 and 3 allowed seperate commands so I’m sure relic can figure something out.

The more I see how it turned out, the more Im disappointed they didnt go with a proper engine like Unreal where there are way fewer limitations compared to a very limited engine like Essence.