So hyped

I’m so hyped about the new age of empires, to remember my childhood :dizzy: .
What’s the next? An age of mythology, more things, new campaing, please…

I was so excited when I read about it monday evening I almost woke up my wife for it. Pure nostalgia!

When i saw trailer for game that i played soo much and that made soo many memories i nearly started crying…Microsoft truly wnted to make this game great again…

i too, i hope the beta begin in the next hours :cold_sweat:
Why they need so a long :frowning: Tommorow start my holiday i hope it comes :hushed:

@CitrousCellar11 said:
An age of mythology
Age of Mythology was re-released and is available on Steam.

hyped here too! I really only ever did the skirmishes with the AI, but I did so a million times! Looking forward to see what the competitive scene is like.

Life will just not be the same anymore, I just really hope Microsoft isn’t going to ruin it like they did with Age of Mythology Extended Edition

Just… on board hyper train