So I pre-ordered the DLC

Can I pre-install it or have to wait till 16 may? I can’t find the install option.

You have to wait until 16 May.


I’m somewhat annoyed having pre-ordered the DLC, and will not have early access ever. Doomed to watch what some aoe2 streamers show; many of them don’t even have collected information about the game (aoe1 part), or the process of aoe1 & ror development.

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If a pre-download is available, its delay is usually scaled with the size of the game, if the game is already quite heavy.

ROR is around 3 GB on the HDD so maybe 2 GB to download ? I don’t think Steam will put a pre-DL.

I’m excited as heck too, but at least it’ll only be three days until the DLC comes out as of now.

If I don’t remember wrong, in the last few DLCs, we could play the new civ in skirmish or custom games as soon as the new patch was released, only the campaign was unlocked at the release time. I hope it stays the same this time.

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This is correct.

The question is whether the ROR content will be included in the patch or if only the Romans will, as it doesn’t need compatibility (you’d still DL the DLC civs you don’t own, as you might encounter them in multiplayer or campaigns).