So I'm getting confused about these units

Can someone please explain which units are countered by spies? mercs and heros are the obvious answer.

What about papal units?
Any units from the embassy or royal houses?
What about outlaws.

It’s starting to get confusing what is a merc unit.

I can’t keep this all under my hat anymore.

just hover over the portraits and see the tags

if it has mercs, its a merc

spies only counter mercs and heroes

nothing about the other units

This is probably a sign that we need icons for all unit types somewhere easy to spot on the UI.


I always write that feature which devs should add unit short description. Unit tags shoul be added.

I think whatever unit that has a starred circle when selected is countered by spies.
Though they should bring back the starred circle when NOT selected as in original.

All they counter is mercs and heros, they do nothing to outlaws or natives. Royal houses are natives, same with the embassy. IIRC papal units aren’t mercenaries either.

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