So much to Learn, so little to read

Are there any known books or manuals dealing with AoE2 DEFINITIVE EDITION? All I can find is AoE2 and AoE2 HD. If not, is there anything in the works?

An AoE2 HD manual probably has already all the basics and general info, would only miss the new civs, units and techs.
You can check the Aoe Wiki at fandom, it is mostly info but it is still useful to learn about unit and building stats, bonuses, specific armors, campaigns, civs, etc.

There are many new things not present in the older versions, like Shift-R.Click for assigning future jobs for workers to do after finishing the present task. Well if there isn’t a specific manual, there isn’t. Maybe I’ll start writing one myself.

BTW, is there actually a manual for AoE2 HD?. When I said I had that one I was being a bit careless I’m afraid. I’ll check the Forgotten Empires website to see if there is one now. Thanx for your reply John R.

It appears to not be up to date for DE though.

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Thank You, I still play AoE2 HD from time to time.