So Ottomans got a Nerf - and that was it?

Instead of giving slight buffs where needed, Ottomans literally got a weird nerf to bring Improved Buildings to age IV without any pretense whatsoever and being the only civ with such a handicap.

What I’m seeing is that they’re focusing on one salty person’s loss from a strategy they didn’t expect and couldn’t counter properly and decided it needed to be out of the game “until age IV”?

Where’s the Abus rework to bring their RoF to 3s per shot (and reduce base damage output to compensate)?
Where’s the very slight eco buff? Oh a pro used Ottos successfully and impeccably one time in one tournament so now Ottos are no longer F Tier?

It’s just confusing how after many months of deliberation, this was the path that was taken - one nobody asked for…again.

Side note…it’s cool that they drastically reduced the lag in the very beginning of the game, but what’s up with the noticeably worse lag as soon as the early mid-game hits?


It was a strange nerf. Age 4 cards should be worth 1600 res and no way is improved buildings that good of a card to be age 4.

I’m guessing this is down to the 4 tc boom they do, but portugal can also get 4 tc’s in industrial and all of them free and they can still send improved buildings in age 1. CM also got nerfed awhile ago so it’s a lot harder just to spam tc’s and expect to survive with little military.

A simpler solution might have been to increase TC build time.

As for the lack of buffs to otto I’d assume it’s because the balancing is around the general win rate and I imagine thinks like the jan rush are strong against mid to low level players. Otto’s performance at 1500+elo is felt by the minority of players.

I think that the cost of the Ottoman TC should be increased to 600 wood. The shipment from the TC in fortress age should perhaps be sent to Industrial, but idk. Shipments “Palace Intrigue” and “Mosque Construction” should be checked out, Nizams time push is very powerful, and 3 bombards for 600 food is ridiculous.

To compensate, give the RoF of 3 to the abus gun.

And before you tell me that Ottomans is weak, it has one of the fastest age advances, the fastest FF, free villager and only has a disadvantage in maps without TP, which if my calculations are correct, there are only approximately 40 competitive maps, Of which I think only 5 have no TP, which can be slightly offset by the mosque, which has a better exp drop than a church and is available at Age 1.


I could see the improved building card being changed into something more age IV worthy if they do changes to the ottos like they did Brit’s.

It literally ages the same time as Brits before the 100f change (which we have yet to experience due to the update being “incomplete”).

Free villager is an aspect of the civ, where other civs get similar but mostly better advantages than that. We all know Ottos get “free settlers”.

The 4 TC strat is full of holes and can be countered in a number of different ways, and its main glaring weakness is that it can’t be done while amassing a decent army.

For you, is it good that the Brits can advance so fast?

Yes, of course, no one asked for it to be removed or nerfed, as a mechanic is excellent imo, dont touch.

If you execute it correctly, it is very difficult to stop. You can make a very efficient turtle, you have various resources at your disposal, that’s why they moved the HP card from buildings to Industrial. But imo is not the correct way to nerf.

It’s pretty obvious why, the tcs on that card have a little over 9000 health, and an Ottoman who gets 4 tcs is really frustrating to besiege that, unless you have a decent amount of mortars.

To get to the point of 4 TCs up and running and all of those cards sent at a reasonable time leaves Ottos very vulnerable. If mass siege isn’t available for whatever reason, scouting and raiding with any unit does the trick.

Or scouting the 4 TC play and making them waste cards like CM or Improved Buildings while you go greedy yourself is another way to counter it easily, including opting for a naked revolt whose momentum and timing can win it.

It’s not unstoppable by any means, civs with long-range siege in age 3 (Ethiopia, Indians, Inca, Aztecs) auto-win once scouted.

Pikes beat this too if one micros for cover mode properly, it’s auto-win as well.

Now, and do you think that it does not leave other enemy civilizations vulnerable to save a large amount of gold to get a reasonable amount of artillery to be able to besiege? my suspicion is that you are the idiot from labshark who insults 1000 times when a british beats you, learn to play before anything else, it is not comparable to spend 2 shipments of an ottoman (1000 wood and 1tc) that in addition to serving to defend you power exponentially your economy, which in itself the Ottoman has a flow of shipments greater than the rest in most games, in exchange the other enemy civ has to spend an insane amount of resources just to besiege, you know perfectly well that it is not the same to do 4 tc with germany for example, than to do it with the ottomans, what you say about the pikemen is totally pathetic, that is impracticable, you are not going to besiege the base with a pikeman to an ottoman who has 4 tc, that He will also not only defend himself from that, he will also have to have his troops or militia, the covered mode of the pikemen slows you down and also reduces the damage by half, as if that were not enough you have to improve them, unless they are for example halberd Eros, it wouldn’t be a good idea to sacrifice a huge number of halberdiers just to maybe knock down 1tc that can rebuild it, I have to clarify it for you because you are only interested in saying the negative part to stupidly argue your request to buff the Ottomans , believe me, I am the Ottoman main and I know their shortcomings and I also ask that they buff certain things, but not to a lamer, anti-competitive autistic model of playing like you do, surely you

Wow that was a mouthful. Not sure who it is you think you’re talking to.

Early siege is definitely one of the answers, FI mortars, age 3 early mortars card. As long as you scout, you either go just as greedy or make sure your units are OP (are you saying Germans aren’t capable of raiding and being greedy at the same time?)

CM was nerfed a few patches ago anyway. Trust me, fast 4 TC was very stoppable and is even more so now. If you let the opponent build 4 TCs at 10-11 minutes (which is the same time it takes to get a sustainable revolt going) then you’re obviously going to lose.

Yeah no need for name calling. Just debate ideas not peoples characters.

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Are you joking? Pikemen vs 4 TCs? How many pikemen would you need, like 100?

I have longed played a less gready variation of 4 TC boom (3 TC boom). Unlike other similar booms, ottomans is basically free and you can continue to build troops while booming at the same time, since you don’t use food on workers. You severally underestimate just how powerful it is.