So, Rus Cabin gold got nerfed by almost 50%

It seems like you can’t viably go more than 3 cabins per woodline where you could previously have 5 + one in the middle. Adding on top of this the diminishing returns of efficiently placed hunting cabins, as well as a lower bonus from bounty We’re talking 200gpm->75gpm per woodline at t2 bounty, or 45 per woodline with a 60 tree chop-through cabin blocking any other cabin. On an average map with 2 “safe” large woodlines, this is significant. The decoupling of HTH passive gold income pool is a buff on paper if you’d ever max out on HC, which is rare, and also get a HTH of 333 gpm or more.

Another thing to add to this is that the bounty thresholds not lowering with the sheep bounty removal has kept t3 bounty less available for a while, despite that nerf being intended for early gold availability, not the bounty bonus.

That said, I really like the intent of making rus less spawn dependant on bounty/woodlines, but I suspect we might want to keep close attention to these changes in the PuP.

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