So the new broken stuff is italy revolt

i think the way can nerf this will be nerf the arquitec maybe all buildings need cost 50% instead of free


do you just take a screenshot from every game you lose and then complain the whole civ you lost to is op


no just reporting the brokens stuff and doing my job


Italy FI is unstoppable and barbary revolt is broken. This guy is a 1v1 elo 1900 player and use smurf to play this only one BO in queue. :pensive:


The revolution mechanic while an interesting dynamic of an already complicated game is often busted.


yeah he have a wins streak of 23 now 21


estas seguro que no hizo trampa? lo rusheate verdad? por que como es posible que italia llegara tan rapido a 4ta edad y sacara tantos aldeanos? eso es imposible mas aun cuando los arquitectos construyen demasiado lento un centro urbano les toma 240 segundo basicamente tienes que tener 5 a lo menos para que construyas decente

The issue is not Italy, it’s the Barbary Coast revolution.

It’s cheap with ottomans and with any civ that can boom or FI. The 1:1 ratio becomes too good with them. Make it 2:1 or 4:3.


yea broken strategies, just imposible to win versus otoman IV barbarian revo

if someone has a video where a top players use IV revolution barbarian with otoman and lose please upload it to youtube, i need to counter this, if there exists a counter


the times I’ve seen it lose is either to really clean cannon timings with muskets or halbs, a really fast clean spain ff before the tcs are even up, or literally zero iq japan ashi spamming with japan’s signature Bottomless Eco™ where japan is smart enough to just go age 4 and get guard ashi with the torrii ageup to spam the 2x shipments.

Counteract the same strategy by improving it. Try rev perú with spain i don’t know if it really can work but it would be fun otherwise japan.

No le hice Rush porque se hizo 4 torres gratis con el arquitecto se hizo el arsenal y porque cada tecnologías que se haga recibe un aldeanos y se hizo los 3 TC gratis con el arquitecto

I have the rec game if you Wanna see it

Yeah but with the arquitec can build any bulding for free he do the arsenal so for every tech he Made he get a Vill for free AND can build TC for free AND lonbards with 5 arquitec

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share the rec please

italy rev.age3Yrec (8.0 MB)

pero que? entonces no hizo los edificios gratis para hacer 2 centros urbanos con los arquitectos te toma 4 minutos cada uno osea 8 y esa partida duro 16 y ademas cada destacamento demora 150 segundos hay algo que no cuadra amigo

Dude come on… This seems like a legitimate counter to your NR boom till min 15.

And… (plus no siege)


this is my favourite reply on the forums, ever


etiopians dont have any siege they need go age 4 and get mortars to get siege so etiopians dont have any siege to deal vs turtles tell me how i can deal vs turtle strats