So there's no point in saving games

So the patch came out and I just now learned that my saved games are now unavailable… that’s just disheartening to me, since I like to just build cities with that game. I am by no means a competitive player, but it looks like this game was made for them, just like SC2. No saved games, no replays, everything’s gutted every new patch.


in any game, if it is modified that happens

But past AoE games aren’t? 2 and 3 gets updated with new civs and various changes, but my saved games are still present. Why is 4 different?

The game is not over yet BETA, every change will result in a data change.

Might as well remove the save feature since the files will be useless every patch launch.

Simply put, because relic built on an engine that is crap.

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If you just like building cities you would wait for the Editor that will release soon (hopefully).

In a game where a match or a campaign mission vary rarely lasts even an hour having save game compatibility between patches is not a priority.

If you talking about aoe2 de, Im pretty sure its the same as with aoe4.