So today is the big day

What hopes and dreams do you guys have for AoE3DE in the 25th Anniversary celebration broadcast?

Just wanted to make a thread for speculations, memes, jokes, anything. (Don’t put bug fixes here, report them in the proper place)

Capy Birthday AoE!


Made my predictions, hoping for surprise :smile:


AoM DE?? They say there were news for everyone, idk

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I’m a little confused as to why AoE3 news was teased during the stream but nothing came of it. During E3 Bert also said there’d be something for everyone with this event.

If this awesome patch was our surprise then why not advertise it as such?


The highlight of the day…

AoE3 monitors called Cannon Galleons by Microsoft.

Good job MS, like always, you showed you dont care about the amazing work of the AoE3 devs.

Not everything is AoE2 you know.


Why are you even surprised?

AoE2 didn’t really get anything either

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The only real news was AoM. They could have just skipped all the AoE stuff and saved everyone’s time.

And how they showcased AoE3 was abysmal. The way they described it and stuff they showed made it look terrible.


I feel like I should be excited about AoMDE but I’m not. IDK. Perhaps I just don’t have much faith in Worlds Edge.


world edge screwed up age of empires 25th anniversary and turned it into a concert


Cannot wait to gather favor at the monastery and mass Hades’ crossbowmen in AOMR.

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I don’t know much AoM but I’ll be careful to not fall for hype traps from World’s edge ever again.

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I don’t trust the world edge more and more, I think they have no management experience and just make FE and relic a mess. The IP of aoe will eventually die in the hands of the world edge.


BTW, now as AOMR announced I guess they are considering the state of AOE3DE as “almost completed” (don’t think they will hire a whole new team for it). Later updates might focus on maintenance and balance tweaks.
Large DLCs are not very likely in the near future. Maybe small cosmetics and scenario packs.

I wouldn’t adverse to that though.

maintenance =/= updates. AOE3DE is so far from complete lol.


Watch out, you’ll be accused of being a doomsayer.

Stepping out of the AoE3 diehard fan in me, I still feel like there’s still plenty of room for AoE3DE to grow but unfortunately, the player numbers just aren’t there to support the game for at least the next couple of years. I mean, I still think there’s room for 5-6 more civs without being too greedy. Kinda sad.

It’s like that really talented band that has all the tools to make it big but for one reason or another never fully materializes and remains a small but passionate fanbase.


I mean bug fixes and QOL improvements.
I don’t think they will plan constant content updates like the previous patches, before the teased “spring update”.

I don’t think this is doomsaying either.
The game is in a very complete state and it will take people (both the players and devs) a few months to digest the latest update.
In the near future they could release a lot of other things but not major civ changes or new civs.

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How do you feel now?

I think you left out the music.

NOOOOOOOOO!!! My worst fear was realized!!! Worlds Edge catastrophe part 2!!! I thought for sure Forgotten Empires would handle it like they handled the other DE versions. I guess the only hope is that they do a strict remake and don’t try to create or make anything new. Still, if the zoom is messed up like it is in AOE4 with mobile phone graphics I can’t imagine playing it. You see how it is called 'Age of Mythology: Retold" instead of “DE” in the trailer? Nail in the coffin right there, they think they can design a game better than Ensemble Studios could despite the evidence we see in AOE 4. Looks like I’m in AOE 3 DE for the long haul.


I hope that’s bait

Among other things, FE didn’t make AoE4

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