So what's OP in the game?

So what is considered to be overpowered in this game? OP, and very strong. We had guys say that’s OP, nerf that, nerf this. Etcetera

For example in terms of stats war elephants are very overpowered. This unit can beat literally anything up close and personal. Okay yes, they slow, twirly whirly, fast horse archers can kite them. They only weak since they cost a lot. If war elephants were dirt cheap Persians would be totally unstoppable when they get their first castle up.

According to the forum? Everything.

According to the players? Everything’s pretty good. You should be okay with just about any civ doing what they do well and you probably won’t suffer too much unless you’re against a civ that just really handles what you do well.


I hate all those balance threads. In general the balance is pretty good. They might want to tweak certain civs, but i dont think there are much tweak needed. So i agree with WoelsToWho.


Villagers are overpowered. Just try winning a game without vills. The unit is a complete no-brainer :stuck_out_tongue:


Guys that have proven to be low ELO legends

That really makes no sense. Yes, the unit is very strong, but the cost and training time prevents it from being OP

Also, even them being dirt cheap requires all their related techs to make them strong enough

So, you still have to pay the full price of all upgrades for the unit before massing it is worth it

(I’m not saying they should be dirt cheap, I’m just saying even if they were, you’d still need the upgrade)