So when is patch?

So when is patch? On the march 31st podcasts i seem to remember the team saying they’d have a podcast PRE patch notes to discuss said patch notes? But then they have Friday the 8th of April as their next scheduled podcast? So… are we getting a surprised podcast mid week? Or is the patch Friday the 8th? Or later?

7th of Apirl probably pacific time zone


Is there no early patch notes?? are we really gonna get the patch notes day of??

So wheres the patch notes?? I dont see them

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who/ where is it said we get notes today?

Relic time worst time

here it says Welcome to the Festival of Ages! - Age of Empires

“With the Season One Update, it’ll come with a whole host of balance and quality-of-life changes, including global build queue, hotkey improvements, and more. Stay tuned for the entire release notes, as they’ll go live on Wednesday, April 6th!”

Well its after 2pm on the 6th and I dont see any notes. Not like it matters. We all know there nerfing China and a few other miner changes. big whoop

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damn… they must have meant wednesday at 11:59 pm PST?


announcement of announcement of announcement of announcement of announcement of announcement

Two weeks before read here about soon patch.
A week before: Preview in steam.
Now Release Notes.

Why do not release it in one go…


not a bad patch. Cant wait to see it tomorrow

its the PUP updates; its definitely a step in the right direction; Delhi and Abbasid got stronger… I was hoping to see a stronger china but china looks meh

Nothing new under the sun… buffeo to the camels and swing of the Norman and French campaigns (five months late, because of the siege of Orleans frustrated me and I left the game a month; same after it returns to the beginning of March and now I go for a third of the Mongol campaign), rearrangement of the campaigns and a new objective in the battle of Mohi of the Mongol campaign…

Good update. Thank you.

Unfortunately according to the release notes they didn’t fix the bug that in royal rumble mod the AI attacks with their King in the first minutes of the game. This make this mod useless against AI :frowning: Please fix this soon. Otherwise no one play this mod against AI.

Why have they added a queue dodging mechanic before map vetos?

Won’t people just let the match load now then drop?


Was asking myself the same… Some players already do that… let the game load for a minute or two (don’t know, they have slow computers), then drop within 15 seconds… Especially annoying in team games, since loading times are even longer there.

The patch looks very good, can’t wait for it.

11 or 10 AM PST is what I’ve been reading.

On the one hand, ruining the game for 7 others.

On the other hand, having to play High View.

Really just adding a veto would be much easier.

This patch seems good.