So when will we be able to pause and reconnect? Why is this not on the roadmap?

Imagine making a new multiplayer game but you don’t advance technical aspects such as connectivity. I don’t understand why the ability to reconnect to a game or even pause a game for that matter wasn’t a priority from the beginning.

Was playing a 4v4 game that went on for more than an hour, just started to win when my net went down for less than two minutes. Apparently there was fibre maintenance happening and the ISP reset something. Such a shame when this kind of thing happens, absolute waste of time

Will we ever get these features maybe in the far future? Maybe season 3? Will the devs even respond?


I’m with you for Recconect function , but hell no pause function in mp. I’m just image a situation where a player start a pause trolling war…


Sorry but that’s the easiest problem to solve, one way is that each player just has a pause cooldown of 5 minutes. Enemy can’t unpause for 30 seconds. That’s it

So in a 4vs4 every player can pause the game every 30 seconds? No thanks pls

Yea so it can be tweaked, instead it can just be 30s minimum per team, with the pausing team having the ability to unpause earlier than that. You don’t have to throw the whole feature out just because there’s a little room for abuse.

Aoe2 has this feature and it is very rarely abused, in fact I found most players to be polite and actually wait, sometimes I will wait for up to 5 minutes. There barely a case you can make against this feature, other than being lazy and not implementing it.

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I hope season 3 they can give us these functionalities.

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For games with 2 teams such as quickmatches and ranked max the total pause time per team and the enemy team can’t unpause , only team members could unpause. Easy fix.

Pausing is terrible. Players would do it all the time in AoE2 when they start to lose in order to collect their thoughts. They make some excuse, “that their phone rang”.

You also lose momentum in a game when someone has control over the pause button and you’re at a crucial moment of raiding their base.

Even if pause is limited, it’s infuriating, and disrespectful.

Let’s say you play 20 games a day and 70% of those opponents decide to pause because their significant other is asking them uninimportant questions when they should be focusing on the game. That’s just too much already.

Players who pause also know it’s trollish and abusive. They’ll do it anyways for that little advantage of distracting you from what you’re setting out to accomplish.

You’re playing against someone, it’s not all about you. You don’t pause a movie in the theater because you have to use the bathroom.


I think also that a pause functionality is only good for single player.

Reconnect function would be good.

It would be cool if in team games real players are replaced by AI when a player left the game for any reason despite losing.

It is annoying to start a team game and someone leaves the game early and your team has therefore almost lost the game.

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Multiplayer pause was present in Starcraft, can just adopt that functionality.

I stay away from team games atm until reconnect exists since my game crashed in my first game lol

Your numbers come from a magic hat. After 15 years of aoe3 i didn’t meet that much of pause abuser. Maybe the aoe2 community is pure idioty but i don’t think so.

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Reconnection should be implemented soon.

The multiplayer pause option must be voted on by the opposing team before you can pause.

Nah it’s definitely a complete lie, I have 400+ hours of aoe 2 and not once have I seen the pause feature abused. People building palisade walls around teammates TCs is more common, yet no one is against palisade walls. That guy isn’t really thinking

Just make the pause an option in the game. Give the ability to turn if off in game if people are abusing it. I play the game with my son at home and sometimes we need to pause it for a few minutes. Very frustrating that we can’t do that. Save would be nice too for multiplayer.

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Dude you do not need to resurrect FIVE old threads about this.

One is enough.


WHAT? this game doesnt have reconnect?

If they do that, I’ll walk over and take away their keyboard since they are my kids. There are more scenarios than just MP PvP. The fact that this game lacks the options is terrible. Why not at least make it a configurable option and then anyone who doesn’t want it can create a game without pause/save option and those who want it can have it. A game that can’t be saved is a pathetic joke in 202x.

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