So... why are fat grenadiers faster than light cavalry?

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Because your units are being snared (melee units slow enemy when attacking) by the melee musks and you are selecting your whole army without removing the snared unit making your whole army slow.


Because the snare mechanic is and always has been part of the game?


It should be better explained in the game, actually, so it’s not your fault. It’s mainly done to buff meelee units, as they would be useless against ranged units that can shoot and run without it.


it could be better explained, but essentially it gives some level of ability to melee infantry to protect their allies. it might seem a bit weird but well its part of the games balance.

now there are ways to get around this, such as having multiple groups of cavalry, or leaving slowed units to fight while chasing with the rest.


why are they snared if only some husars are being atacked?
i ve never seen that disciplined on formations before
those are very disciplined husars

If one unit in a selected group gets snared, the whole group does, unless you micro that unit out of the group.

AoE3 has always played like this, since vanilla.

why is called vanilla?

Original AoE3, before any expansions.
It is called vanilla because vanilla is the most basic flavour of icecream, and all other flavours have vanilla in them. Literally means “base product from which it can be developed further”.