Society score bugged?

Have played several games now where I’ve seen, well, odd Society scores. Here is the clearest example, a 4v4 in which me (rye bread) and my friend (brendan42069) seemingly dominated in Society, but only got 500 points (???).

How do we both have 500 score when we took up 4 and 3 relics (and everyone else had 0 or 1), respectively? We also had 142 and 130 villagers. I can maybe understand that there might be a possibility where too high a number of villagers decreases your score because of lower army count, but that should be reflected in military score. Furthermore, we had the lowest villager idle times of 50 seconds and 36 seconds, and pretty high avg unit lifespan compared to everyone else. What is happening with the society score?

Also, can you add # of castles and town centers to the score (after fixing it, of course)?

Apologies for the cropped together images, only allowed one file.

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Hey there, I looked at the replay and I think I have some conclusions.

Society score is based entirely on the cost of your landmarks and wonders, nothing else (for what I know). It counts your starting TC as 140 points (20% of a regular TC cost). As Abbasid, you will always end the game on 150 points - 140 plus 10 for your House of Wisdom, as the wings don’t add any score.
That’s the part that seems reasonable. At Imp, you should have 1340 points with any civ except Chinese (extra landmarks), HRE (cheaper option with Swabia Palace) (and maybe Mongol because their TC is more total resources, but I need to check). FIRE_GRIZZLY has a lot of points because he built a wonder (+2400, which is 20% of the 12000 cost). However, all the french players and the English one are missing some points, despite the game going post-imp. 500 points means 140 + 360, 360 being the value of the castle age Land mark, so the Feudal and Imp one weren’t counted, those being school of cavalry and the Red Palace. (England built their Keep LM for Castle age, and that is missing as well.) In the replay, each player got the appropriate amount of score upon finishing those buildings, though. Perhaps they are counted in a different tab for some reason, like military.
Red and Green both built School of cavalry and the artillery LM, so they only lost 120 points.
Purple (China) had all LM except the Wall Gate. They are missing 140 points, which is odd.

But, yeah. Society score is not related to the other metrics on that page at all, which is confusing.

Edit: It seems the Chinese starting TC gets counted as Economy instead of Society.


Very weird scoring. Would like to see this updated. Sounds kinda buggy to represent different civs so differently like that, like unbalanced. I get the feeling that the scoring system in general could use some tweeks but don’t have any specifics at this point.

Thanks all. We are aware of some weirdness with how certain scores are counted and are working on some tweaks. We appreciate the report!