Solucion Bug Steam Beta

Hola amigos. La solución esta en quitar el juego permanentemente. Tendrán que ir al siguiente enlace despues tendran que ir a Age of Empires, y quitarlo definitivamente de la biblioteca, a si podran accesar a la compra. Saludos!

Hello friends. The solution is to permanently remove the game. They will have to go to the following link then they will have to go to Age of Empires, and remove it definitively from the library, if they can access the purchase. Regards!

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It works!


But do you have beta access after removing the game?

It works, but remember that by doing this you cannot enter the beta.

Even if putting the access key to the beta in the parameters of the game in the section Betas?

I did it and it’s weird because it appears to me like I played the game, it’s a serious problem because both the Beta and the Pre-order Game is the same.

I won’t be doing anything until this is considered solved, and I recommend to everyone to do the same, the pre-order will be there until november, so there is no need to rush to buy the game. Just wait…

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