Solution for people ALT+F4 in ranked TGs

I really hope this suggestion get some traction and the devs at least think about it.

Have you ever been frustrated when queueing for Ranked TGs and every time a game is found, someone Alt+F4 and you get kicked out of the queue? I have a small suggestion to fix this:
Anyone who Alt+F4 during a Queue cannot enter another queue for 10 min
(This can also be implemented by making it possible to only queue once every 10 min)

This way, if someone wants to leave urgently, they are not punished for it, since they are leaving anyway, but if someone is only closing the game every time they get a map they don’t like in a TG, well then they have to choose to play or wait 10 min.
This is not as relevant of an issue on 1v1 since you will always get one of the 2 favourite maps and people usually play anyway. Plus the queue for 1v1 is fast and you can afford to queue again. But for TGs, I cannot tell you how many times I spent an hour in queue, just to play a TG, ANY GAME! And from my talks with other people in the community, this is a very common issue.
People do get at least one ban, so they can ban the map they “Hate” the most, but it is annoying to have 1 player out of 8 not wanting to play a specific map and ruining the fun for everyone else. TGs in my opinion are not as “map sensitive” as 1v1, and I think we can all agree this will not force people to play what they don’t want to play, but it will also make it easier for people to just play.

I am interested in what people think about this, and if we can get the devs to at least think about this issue.

P.S: Obviously it doesn’t have to be 10 min, we can have incremental timers the more you quit for example, this is just to start thinking about the issue.

Thank you.


I think this is a good suggestion only when the map pool is not ridiculous and there are no few bans. When 3 of my bans go to black forest, amazon tunnel and arena for 3v3, there are still maps I don’t want to play such as islands etc. I also don’t like when other people do alt+f4, but at the end of the day, people should be given the freedom to play the map they want. This is just a game for fun after all, not the olympics or world cup. Also the lobby is not a good alternative as you spend a lot of time finding a game.


I have a better idea: don’t force people to play amazon tunnel or BF because they only have 1 ban.


Let people play the map they want, at least in TG where the issue is more critical and ELO is an half-joke, which would definitely solve the problem (I think some people would take the penalty instead of playing some maps)


Great idea to introduce such penalty system. Not only for TGs, but also 1v1. There are already many threads about this subject as well.

This is a recent thread about this subject, but there are many more examples.

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No, respect map preferences by introducing an opt-in system instead. The alt f4 behavior indicates a huge problem with the current system, it is wrong to ignore that and punish players even harder.


i still say they need both… unlimited/much more map bans and temp ban for dodging

its inconsiderate to map dodge (if you really dont like the pool then go unranked until the pool improves, and host your own gd match and learn to use if you want a balanced game)

but at the same time this last TG pool was really bad, like 3 or 4 bad maps (arena, BF, amazon tunnel and some water map) making it impossible to not get a bad map, thus the need for more / unlimited bans

There have been times when I was given a message “Failed to join match”. Is it because one of the players Alt+F4?

The map was Megarandom, if that might help.

Most likely, at least one of the other players did alt+f4 if you see that message.

This is actually a pretty big problem at 1300-2000 1v1 or 2500+ team game ratings. Any map that is not arabia/like arabia is dodged and it’s pretty frustrating to queue. A big reason why I have lost motivation to play ranked multiplayer games and doesn’t seem like the community managers are showing any intent of doing anything about it…
Either punish players who alt f4 or give people the choice of map that they want to play. At this point I don’t care what solution is implemented, I just want to be able to play ranked multiplayer.


The problem is that some maps are much more difficult to play on lower elos, because low elo (<1200) players often lack core skills you need on certain maps, so they skip through them to avoid frustration. I think punishing players will not solve the problem. Map designs need to be thought through better, and perhaps the map rotation (and maybe even game rules) should be tiered (adjusted) based on elo range.

At higher elos map dodging does not seem to be happening as much. I’d imagine that about 1500-1600 range, players start to have enough game skills to not hate any of the maps to the point of closing out the game.

(adjust the elos to whatever makes sense for TG, dont follow the TG elo much as it keeps inflating)

there could be the most imaginative ideas to fix the alt-f4 issue. still doens’t matter because the devs have ignored the problem for way long.

Maybe because they cannot see if someone ALT+F4ed or just dropped because the game is unstable as hell. Imagine you crash in starting screen, or out of syncs 5 mins in, and then are banned for 10 mins… would be pretty bad. Before they can think about a temp ban for leavers they have to make the game more stable

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It wouldn’t be hard to figure out who are map-dodging.

Just compare the drop% across different map types.

If someone drops 50% of their Arena games but only 10% of their Arabia games, they’re map dodging (assuming it’s happening across a large enough number of games for it to be statistically significant.)

Of course you have to put a bit of thought into it, you’d need to use statistics and think about incentives to come up with a proper system, but it can’t be more than a day’s work for someone with a maths masters to come up with a functional discipline system which disincentives map-dodgers.

Yes, a 10-minute penalty before you can re-queue, if you leave (alt+f4) after a match, is found and if you do it again then you aren’t allowed to queue for 30 minutes, 2 hours, then 24 hours, then 1 week. That should do the trick.

Suggestions like these would shrink the playerbase faster than you’d think. If people can’t just queue up to play a game they want, they’ll play other games instead.


League of Legends do it, I don’t see the player pool shrinking there… They can queue up and play just don’t alt f4 when you don’t like map / team mates.

Yeah well, they already have a much bigger active playerbase. So copying it for a game that’s in the stage of trying to grow its playerbase just doesn’t make any sense.

Why do you think it would reduce the player pool? It could also increase the player pool and reduce the overall waiting time for everyone.

Just today I had a friend queue up for a 4v4 rank game, twice he queued, waited, finally got matched, and then the standard “failed to join” because someone had alt+f4. What do you think he did? He got bored, quit, and went to play another game instead, therefore, reducing the active player base. Perhaps if there was some kind of penalty/incentive for players not to quit after finding a game some players might stop doing it as often.

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Because not all of the maps are fun to play at all elos. I’ve been watching recorded games as I’ve been helping a noobish player improve his game and the early game is very easy to exploit on low elos for practically guaranteed wins. Ergo people will just skip those maps because there’s not much fun in it. A lot of people lack skills needed to be able to play certain maps and forcing them to play those maps wouldn’t necessarily help them, unless someone could show them how to counter those early game strategies.

That’s why they have 3 map bans for 1v1s, which maps are not fun for all ELOs right now? Maybe the problem is too many maps in ranked then? Either way I would love a solution to incentivies people not to alt-f4 after finding a game just becase they don’t like map/team mates.

Another problem they should be thinking about is allowing players to reconnect to a team game when they drop / get kicked / game randomly crashes but that’s a whole other topic.