Solution on how to fix the variant name issue


As DPGstudios also mentioned in another topic:

There’s only one way that I can see on how to fix the naming issue for these variant civilizations. Instead of adding the variant civilizations as their own civilization in the civilization tree, add them directly under their original civilization from where they come from and then create an interface in the game that when a player selects for example the French, they can then choose between French or Jeanne d’Arc.

The same should then be applied for all other variants too.

As these are just variants of already existing civilizations in the game this makes perfect sense on how to address the name issue once and for all.

This way people understand that these are variants from the same civilization and we no longer have to name them a proper civilization name so that they make sense to have in the civilization tree.


Putting that variant name inside a bracket next to the base civ name already looks much better.

French (Jeanne d’Arc)


Jeanne d’Arc


Yes I agree this way looks much better. As I said I don’t think there is any better way to address this and make most of the community happy in regards to the name issues.

Hope a developer see this and takes down notes.

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that looks just as goofy as just her name