Solution Siege meta

I just come back with another idea for the siege issue. If we Nerf mangos , when they already cost a TC in RSS doesnt seems fair; they movement and so maybe but… what would be a better solution?
Make Springard NOT Counter Springard, delete their bonus VS them. Problem ends.
If ur Springard anti Siege cant be killed by springgards, rival needs to arrive and fight without mangons first (because spring outrange a little) or micro better, but thats allow people with a lot of Siege be counterback with good army and few anti Siege.
Mostly the problem with siege its just u cant make more Siege than ur rival (u make 2, he makes 2 etc) and just sniwball Siege get bigger because u cant counter. If u mass a 50 horses u can, anytime, make only 15-20 Spears and counter and then he has to combine their army.
But siege? Mangos goes with more Siege Its just stupid that the counter its the troop u r already making . So, make Springard dont counter spring, easy fix.
What do u think?

solution is that siege takes 5-6 pop like in aoe3

I like the pops idea, But I honestly don’t hate siege the way it is right now.

Its a bit of a money sink that can benefit macro players.