[SOLVED] A request to add missing (imho) functionality - mod deactivation

Hi Devs

I would just like to ask you to consider adding, if that’s possible at this moment, a function allowing players to disable-deactivate mods without having to unsubscribe to them. When it comes to official mods so far there are only few, but as time goes one they (hopefully!) might stack up and I guarantee people will just forget about some of them, and I don’t think right now there is a way to display all ‘owned’ / ‘earned’ official mods.
And I doubt many people will bother to keep a list or even more- go back to old news and write them down when they feel like messing with them.

There is a nice browser in 2DE where these things even when uninstalled are kept in one place and it’s impossible to lose keeping track of anything. But in 3DE a simple* ‘deactivate’ button along with ‘unsubscribe’ would totally be enough.

^ After doing that mod disappears from the list.

*well, simple from user perspective. It might turn out to be a hellish job to implement for some reason :slight_smile:

BTW thanks for all your work on this front so far.


Hi, you can deactivate mods by clicking the blue circle :slightly_smiling_face:


I guess I’m blind and stupid. No idea how I’ve missed trying that. Thanks for the tip!