Some actions cause severe FPS drops

Hi all, Hi Devs,

As we have picked up playing again we noticed some actions can yield very notable FPS drops. For me this occurs when selecting a worker and opting to building a palisade. Suddenly the game frame rate will drop to unbearable standards. I can literally spend up to 30 seconds just to pull the palisade in a straight line. If I cancel the palisade building options the FPS rate instantly goes back to normal.

Demuslim vaguely mentioned a similar issue with his stream lagging when looking at water (time stamp set):

So I’m quite unsure what happened but it seems somewhere in all the patches and improvements something started to drain resources when looking or executing specific actions. Anyone has a potential solution until Devs can look into this?


For me I have severe FPS drop when looking at water, especially around fish

@KiezelSteentjeh @Michaelan96 The palisade one is super interesting; water is something we’re already looking into. Either way, best thing to do in this case is to contact support with your DxDiag and warnings.log file so the team has more spec data. Thanks!