Some advice for an old timer who played original AOE 1999

Hi all, wow I cant believe AOE is still going after all these years.
Can anyone comment on which AOE is the best?
Also, I’m trying to figure out the best way to get a LAN game going. Do I need to buy a copy for each PC or one copy will be fine? Do I need XBox account?

So for which is the best…that’s kinda subjective however the majority seem to say 2. The first game was just missing a lot of features and the third didn’t sit well with a lot of people (though some really like it) Two however still has a dedicated community after all this time and tournaments being run etc. We’re also about to get the definitive edition of two soon.

As for if you need an xbox account. Only the definitive edition really do anything with xbox accounts but they don’t require it as people who buy on steam are still able to play.

Awesome thank you for the response. So steam seems the way to go then with AOE 2 DE.

I’ve got 3 pc at home, I’m planning on setting up a lan game with the family. If we going to play games we should include everyone. Does each player need to buy a copy of the game on steam? Currently there’s a Xbox beta for pc deal for $4pm that allows you to play over 100 games in Windows 10. Anyone know if steam its still the best option?

Only the CD version allows a multiplayer lan with just 1 copy, wether with Steam or Microsoft Store (or any other virtual format I guess) you will need 1 copy per account and 1 account for each computer

Thank you for the response, I’ll really go back to old school then and try find a disc version.:smiley:
Appreciate the feedback

I thought there was a way to share a steam account on more than one computer. But I think that then they changed it so that now you can only play games on one computer at a time even if the account is signed in on multiple computers.

So I guess just install the CD on all of them and then put the CD back in its case and play a lan game. If you wanted to get fancy you could download Voobly on all of them as well so then you could play with other people around the world as well; if you have fast internet that is.

Just decided to spring the $20 dollars for each machine. Still worth it. Can’t wait for aoe4, looks amazing.

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