Some advices for future updates

Some advices for future updates.
1.For Chinese:
In age 4,they can be added a new card called "Ujen Cooha”,it will cost 500 gold.It can make the Chinese train a kind of musketeer in the castle called “Ujen Cooha”,it is a kind of musketeer just like Janissary,this card can also make handmortar +50% base damage and 0.3 speed but also increase additional 40 food cost.

2.For Maltese:
Flintlock Rockets can also make Sentinel’s pop cost into 1.

3.For Indian:
In age 4,they can be added a new card called “The futy of Aurangzeb”,it will cost 500 gold,all of the Sowar will become “Ahadi”,it cost 2 pop and it is a weak edition of sipahi;and all of the Flail Elephant will become “Fath Gusha”,it cost 6 pop and it is a weak edition of heavy cannon.

4.For Native Americans:
Captured Mortar cost 450 gold and even 6 pop but act just like normal Mortar,that’s a little funny,so my advice is make their basic barrage damage into 40,or give Native Americans captured falconet.

5.For light cannons:
Please add “limber mode” to them,because the artilleries have “limber mode” like flaming arrow or siege elephant,they can move like a row to the target but after light cannons removed the “limber mode” they can only move like a column to the target,that will make it very difficult to use.

6.For revolutions:
In fact their are many revs can be added in the game,such as Irish to British or Bosnian to Ottoman.

7.For the tech “military drummers” and “trunion”:
I think their bonus should be the same,both of them should be 10% or 15%,not one is 10% other is 15%.Because the “military drummers” + 10% speed,and “trunion” + 15% speed.
That will make a falconet or a organ gun with trunion(4.6 speed) even faster then the musketeer and skirmisher with “military drummers”(4.4 speed) ,that’s a little funny,lol.And this will make their movement a little embarrassed if they are in the different group(because falconet or organ gun always faster than the musketeer and skirmisher and they always run to the front of the infantry,lol).
So my advice is make the “military drummers” + 15% too.Or make “trunion” + 10%.Both are acceptable.