Some Age 2 features to be incorportated in Age 4

I believe Age of Empires 4 is turning out to be quite an excellent game. Here are some humble suggestion from someone who has bought the game 4 days ago.

  1. The missle mechanics where no shots are missed I believe it takes away from the micromanagement that makes the games more fun to watch in a competitive level. I suggest reserving the current mechanics for the Mongols and English as upgrades for their archer units, while going back to the Age 2 mechanincs where one can dodge the arrows or artillery shots. I mentoned these two civs given their historical attachement to the bow and arrow.
  2. To allow villagers to quickly wall-off incoming attacks like in Age 2. I feel Age 4 is great but it took away classic micro managing moves that make pro players to have to be less skilfull.
  3. The keys should not be bounded. Please allow players the sandbox to play with the binding of the keys.
  4. Please allow the random civ button in the skirmish.
  5. Please show the map after a match. People like to see it and not be taken back to the stats menu.
    The game is turning out to be fantastic.

Congratulations, I hope this feedback is useful.


If you remove arrow accuracy it will make thr game worse. Units like the manguday and camel archers will have no counter because of the way they work.

This is just unrealistic and would just make the game more frusttating. You shouldn’t be able to avoid raids by just quickly building stuff around you.
Now people have to rely on towers and palisades and scouting plays a bigger part.

Totally agree with that.
Random civ button would be awesome, it would make some interesting games with friends.


Thank you for replying. The game missle mechanics is awkard. I see your point on villagers depending on walls and palisades but you must admit that it takes away the fun micro aspects of the game. I have not played Mongols yet, what sort of mechanics do those units have? In real life you may dodge an arrow, or, in the game, sometimes a cavalry unit is just to far away for the shot not to miss the mark. I agree with you on the palisades, but the missle system is cranky to say the least. Units should be allowed to dodge, and, in any case, then the manguday or camels should be given a proper counter via gaming mechanics.

Thank you for replying again!

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On the wall thing this is one of the reasons I prefer 4. You can play 2 for that feature?

Yeah, but Age 4 is missing fun micro aspects. Still, it depends on the taste of every individual I guess. I do not like the missle system though, the wierd angles sometimes siege engines fire and how they never miss,

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Mangudais are cav archers that mongols have avaliable on age 2 and they fire while moving. So if you run through the enemy town they will automatically attack everything they see while their cav is still running its an excellent mechanic but it’s already hard to deal with, you need a lot of archers and towers and if you remove accuracy these units then become unbeatable as they will keep dodging every single arrow.

You can, technically, get 100% accuracy as some civs with upgrades but it’s also worth remembering that the dodging goes both ways.

When units can dodge Mangudais’ arrows just by moving, simply calling your villagers to rally in the nearest structure is likely to result in them avoiding several hits vs guided arrows ensuring that the Mangudais can kill any villager they get in range of.

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Well, the Age 4 can get an improvement BOTH ways. Yes, as an Age 2 player I am very familiar with them. The devs can then make them less obnoxious than in Age 2, while preserving the missle system that, to me, is just perfect in Age 2. I think that by using in game mechanincs you can have a great game that has a realistic missle system, and improved units that, with expensive upgrades, and just for the english and mongols, can have the uniquness of not missing. Givving to ALL civs and with no upgrades is unrealistic, it makes for wierd mechanics and takes away from micro.

Also, when playing against english and mongols, you then will have to adjust your gaming into making towers, keeps, walls, etc. I believe I have a really good point.

The developers can not even implement proper arrow arcs. You are asking way too much of them.

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You should still be able to at least dodge siege shots. You should have the option to dodge a mangonel shot that kills all your archers at once for example.

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  1. I’m in the middle on this one. I like how you don’t need to upgrade obvious things like the Ballistics upgrade in aoe2 anymore. But I also don’t like how the missiles are heat-seeking pretty much.

  2. I think developers should develop the game around the majority of players having fun and have the skillful pro ranked ones adapt to that, not the other way around. AoE4 is different, your way of defense is different and stronger. It’s a new game, pro players should come up with new micromanagement stuff.

  3. 4 and 5. Yes

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I think chekkogrn is right, i think we don’t need aoe2 mechanics here, thats why we got aoe4 because we wanted something new. We received it, its buggy but still awesome. I hope the fix will arrive soon, and mb few little change, but i don’t want anything back from aoe2. If i want then i play aoe2.

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I think you can dodge mangonel in AOE4.


As for your first suggestion, I remember seeing a dev commentary/video about it sometime ago. They mentioned that they tried to remove lots of Micro management if possible to welcome new players and make it friendly for them. I get your point that it’s interesting to see the micro managing for competitive games but the Devs decided to take a whole new direction for this one. To be completely honest, I don’t mind the arrows being heat seeking missiles haha, you can at least depend on archers I reckon.

Definitely agree with your other suggestions especially with number 2, 4 & 5. I’m hoping they’ll add more things down the line as well as gamemodes such as King of the Hill and etc.

In the end, it’s a journey and it just started, I’m pretty sure more cool things will be on their way. Just my 2 cents. :wink:


Yes, I think this possible.

I disagree with this suggestion. I hate AOE2’s manual dodge arrow system and villagers’ use of quick construction of unfinished buildings to block enemies. This operation is very annoying, allowing players to spend time on trivial things and ignore broader strategies, especially AOE4 with the theme of authenticity and history, so do not use the outdated design of the past.

Imagine that in the Hundred Years’ War, villagers were suddenly attacked by enemy cavalry. The first thing they did was not to turn around and flee, but to pick up the hammer and stop the enemy with unfinished fortifications? This design appeared in the past because of the consequences of technical limitations. And now is 2021, we don’t need to go back to the problems caused by backward technology in the past, let alone treat it as an advantage and feature.


Remember that its still a video game, and what makes matches interesting is many of the micro management traits of the past games. Guided cruise missiles as they are now are not quite in the realistic camp would you say? In real life, you can dodge arrows. The current mechanics make you feel as if you were not playing on planet Earth. Yes, the building blocking I get your point, but I believe that you seek realism on the one hand, while denying it on the other. The guided missile system just doesnt work, and the AoE2 mechanic was not only more fun, but actually realistic.

Thanks for the reply!

Yeah, I think you make a solid point. Points 3 4 and 5, honestly, we know they will add it in patches later. I am really loving this game, I just want it to be better. The heat missiles just dont work, trebuches sometimes fire at building way close and you can see the 90 degree shot…its just akward. Just make like in AoE2 which those physics were very realistics. In real life most arrows miss their mark and artillery shots can be dodged by units.

Thanks for the reply man!

You can dodge something in this game? A miracle! I think they need to polish the missile mechanics urgently in this game. Its clunky to say the least and dodging is a lot a fun.