Some Age 2 features to be incorportated in Age 4

To be honest I like not dodging archers.

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Why? Why is this more skillfull as a mechanic? It just looks stupid and is retarded… I am happy that this socalled ‘‘feature’’ of aoe2 isnt there anymore.

This would just make archers very strong as they are in aoe2. The way its done atm just makes it way more clear. I think marco should be more important than small gains in this type of micro.

Yes, this is possible.

Sorry NO especially first point. Micro isn’t only keep controlling unit to dodge arrow. You can control your army for micro, not just joker type dodge, this is not LoL.

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  1. The mechanic of dodging arrows in AoE2 is archaic since you can dodge my arrows, but I can’t manually direct where those arrows go. Or the micro, in that aspect, is of the 2 players or neither. Damage projectiles can now be dodged in siege area and unit abilities. There are a thousand ways to micromanage units without having to zigzag dodging the projectile fire.

  2. I (there are even AoE2 players who think so) have never liked Fornite of Empires. A professional gamer will continue be pro to be doing 15 thousand clicks instead of 20 thousand.

From the third point, I totally agree, there are still several things to be polished and I hope it is not too late.