Some art feedback


This comment didn’t post on the art update article then I post it here. (bug?)

Some feedback on the micro videos played on, some graphical glitches can be noticed and should be paid attention to :
-Impression that some soldiers don’t really ‘attack’ the one in front of them. (they attack ‘air’)
-Some animations are stuck on rotating cavalries.
-When a unit wants to move beyond another, the second unit ‘slides’ on the ground, that gives a similar bad impression as on Empire Earth 3.
-The impact of catapult/ballista bullet is… cheap, I prefer the old one.
-Some death animations look like the guys are ‘sliding’ on the ground (archers), that’s too much ‘playmobil’, on AoE that was more ‘rough’. Similar for dying cavalries, the horses seem to ‘jump’ as they die.

About the art update article : Attention to stay near the original and don’t go too far away, for exemple the new roman town center is strange as it’s red and blue instead of grey and white.

Thank you.

Blue I see because color player.

@Augustusman said:
Blue I see because color player.

Yes, that could be the reason for color difference from the original game, but before jumping to conclusions, we must receive a confirmation from the developers to be sure.

Soldiers attacking “air” happened a lot in the original. Units are just a square that approaches another square and performs an “attack” animation when within range. 2D makes it hard to judge whether attack animations will “hit” the other unit.

Horses jump when dying - this is because they do in the original, however it is much more subdued. I kind of like the over the top death of them in the original ;p

Edit: I saw the horse attacking “air” when there is no nearby unit. Hopefully it’s a glitch that can be fixed. Just so you know, this is present in the original too, occasionally units sit there attacking nothing.

The archer sliding on death is odd. No idea why that’s there.

Catapult/balista hit effect better have a better frame rate for its animation; it looks cheap to have a 15fps animation in a 60fps gameplay.

btw. Scouts should please rear up and throw the rider 5m away when they die. It’s a requirement! :wink: