Some attention to campaigns and historical battles? (Again)

Great that the support revives. It seems now the update schedule is seasonal.

So for the next update, could the devs attend to some flaws and design holes in the campaigns? Some of them are really outdated.

For example:

  1. Add the actual Mexicans (for the first two scenarios) and the South American revolution units (for Bolivar’s revolt) to Act 3. Also the US in Act 3 having redcoats is really odd especially after they received the unique model. Maybe change to regulars.
  2. Add some Maltese units to Act 1?
  3. Fix some discrepancies caused by the old expansion models (ie TWC and TAD were independent of each other), such as Chinese campaign using native Aztec units.
  4. I always wondered why the two TWC campaign acts share the same HC. Like you can still send revolutionaries and Iro/Haud units in Act 2.
  5. Some units and cards that directly use those of the skirmish civs become inconsistent after they were changed:
    Campaign/Historical battles affected by the name change

AOE2 usually change the placeholder civs to the actual civs when the latter are added. I know it’s more work for AOE3 but still important.