Some basic QoL suggestions for triggers in the scenario editor (Poll included)

Hello. In this post I have a few things that I think should really be added to the scenario editor.

1. Better “Copy Trigger” option:

  • Currently the Copy Trigger option in the scenario editor creates a copy of the trigger, like you would expect. That part isn’t the problem. The problem is that it creates the copy right at the bottom of the list of triggers, which is incredibly annoying. I like to have my triggers neatly organized to make it easy to find what I’m looking for, and having to manually move a trigger up above 50 to 100 others just to have it in the right place is really annoying, considering that if I create a copy it’s normally about the same stuff, and I would logically want it to copy directly below. This is a really high priority thing that I think needs fixing.
  • The Copy Trigger also resets the name of the trigger currently. Although this works, it would be kind of nice if it would copy the name of the previous trigger, to make mass copying easier.
  • Ideal solution: Under settings, an option is added to let the player decide if they A) Want to copy triggers directly below, or B) Want to copy triggers to the bottom of the list. It could also have another setting that lets people either A) Have copied triggers get a name reset, or B) Copy the current trigger name.

2. Moving triggers:

  • This is another thing that annoys me. Because of the way the system works, when trying to reorder triggers, like I invariably do, you can only move them up or down one place at a time. This is rather annoying to do, as it requires a lot of clicking.
  • Ideal solution: Holding shift or control while clicking to move a trigger moves it five places instead of one. Maybe let people select multiple triggers as well to move them in groups.

3. Visual representation of selected triggers:

  • This one is just about being able to actually see the currently selected trigger. Right now, they tend to look pretty much the same as an unselected one, which is a particular problem for triggers with large numbers of effects and conditions. This is because it is all too easy for someone to accidentally miss a key effect due to it not being clear enough which trigger is selected, and that can cause some big problems.
  • Ideal solution: Maybe have the colors invert for the currently selected trigger. Because this isn’t really a problem with the triggers themselves, and more one with the effects, it would be good too if it only applied to conditions and effects. Having this in settings would also be nice, to give people greater control.

That’s all I can think of right now. What do people think?

Select up to 3 options:
  • I agree with the first suggestion (Copying triggers)
  • I agree with the second suggestion (Moving triggers)
  • I agree with the third suggestion (Selecting triggers)
  • I agree with none of these (Please explain why)

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To me the ideal solution would be a drag and drop with holding LMB. But I guess that’s just not feasible. I dislike the shift move 5 spaces idea, I would lose track of the trigger I was moving, very quickly. Maybe Shift Click moves it to top/bottom instead?

Yes or a colour change, maybe have it highlight as blue, then you have green - completed trigger, red - incomplete trigger and blue - current selected trigger.

I know, moving to the bottom could be reasonable, or if the colors were inverted, then it could be pretty obvious.