Some bugs report and balance concerns in November PUP

1.All icons of Aztec coyote shipment disappear.

2.Grenadier has 50% RR now but his villager and cavalry damage multipliers are still x0.3 (not x0.5 listed in update post).
3.US flag doesn’t buff artillery unit‘s stats but buff aura appears around these units.

4.Carbine cavalry‘s kill and build XP should be 16 (10% of its cost) not 18.
5.US villagers idle for a second before they collect the collection of book.

6.US deck size is still 20 limit not 23, and there is no factory card.

7.Haude‘s age-up travois gets stuck when it builds a Great Plain upper trade post.


Balance concerns:

  1. Argentina mounted granadero get 0.5 aoe nerfed (2.5 aoe now), but is still overpower, please let them occupy 2 pop and have x0.5 villager and cavalry damage multipliers just like grenadier.
  2. Age 4 dance hall card is useless, and this change is unfair for US just for less pop outlaws and age 3 unit Ronin available, please make it available in age 3.
  3. Inca age 2 Wamani card with 500 wood cost is over nerfed, please keep it free and only make bolas warrior available in age 2. Huaraca and Maceman will unlock in age 3.

I played against Argentina granadero and that was disgusting I do believe they need Negative multiplier vs vills and cav


I don’t agree. they can be countered by heavy infantry, light infantry, heavy calvery, light calvery. you can easily wreck them if they just spam these units.

Actually mass Argentina mounted granadero still kill everything.

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A few edits later… :dizzy_face:

Thanks for these! I can report each as individual issues on our database. Thanks for those! :cowboy_hat_face:


I think wamani should be 250 wood. Either that or it should be free and only deliver one kalanka. Aztec unit shipments are a little too bright color wise and I feel like age 2 huaracas might be over nerfed. I think zouves are still a little too expensive and should be at least 300 gold if not cheaper.