Some Campaign Ideas

I recently finished creating a custom campaign and I don’t know what the next one will be. I have some ideas with a lot of potential, including one on the life of Francisco Pizarro, Baldwin VI, Roger de Flor and a compilation of the most important battles of The Italian Wars. Now let me talk a little about each one.

The first idea is one of my favorites, since there aren’t many campaigns about the Mesoamerican civilizations and their conquest. The campaign will focus on the life of Francisco Pizarro, a Spanish conqueror who, along with a group of soldiers, put the Inca empire in trouble, later causing its fall. The style of the campaign will be different from the rest, the first scenarios will show the first expeditions in Central America and then give way to the conquest of the Inca empire. Not only will there be clashes with the Incas but you will also have to face other Spaniards. The gameplay will be a mix of defensive and a bit of RPG with very little soldiers under your command.

The second idea is a campaign about the life of Baldwin IV, a king of Jerusalem who, despite being seriously ill due to leprosy, managed to stand up to Saladin and his powerful Saracen army. The campaign will deal with the many difficulties of his reign and will focus on the fight against Saladin. Each of the scenarios will recreate the main battles of the conflict against the Saracens, with large armies at your command.

The third option is a campaign about Roger de Flor. He is not a well-known historical character but he appears in the historical battle of Bapheus in the ‘‘historical battles’’ section of the campaign menu. In his beginnings, Roger was a mercenary in the service of the Crown of Aragon, but after several battles and gaining experience in combat, he decides to command a group of warriors called ‘‘The Catalan Company’’. At their command, he will travel to the decadent Byzantine Empire to serve the emperor in his war against the Ottomans. At first he will be considered a savior, defeating the Ottomans in numerous battles, but the envy of some Byzantine nobles leads to his murder, provoking the revenge of the Catalan company, which would plague the Byzantine empire for several decades.

Finally my last option is a campaign about the Italian wars. In this campaign you will be able to play as the Sicilians, Spanish and Italians. This war is based on the confrontation between the House of Habsburg and France for hegemony over the Italian territories. In this campaign the main battles will be shown at various points in Italy. You will be able to command the first modern army with Spanish arquebuses, German mercenaries and cannons in an epic confrontation against the powerful French cavalry and Swiss pikemen.

Decide which one you will like to see the most :slight_smile:

  • Francisco Pizarro
  • Baldwin IV
  • Roger de Flor
  • The Italian Wars

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I really like the Pizzaro one, especially if it’s a very mixed force because almost none of his troops were European except for that initial ambush of the Emperor. It would be nice to see the synergies of Incan units maybe with a purchasable allotment of Spanish troops as they march to Cuzco.

I also like the Italian Wars idea but the thing is the vanilla Franks are very boring to play and sounds like they’d be boring opponents. Don’t play MP but I ran circles around them as the Burundians.

Honestly though I love the Roger de Flor idea because it’s so obscure. But I’m of those people who enjoyed the Bari campaign immensely because it wasn’t a mainstay of Byzantine history. I actually learned a decent amount by playing the campaign then looking up the events in Wikipedia.

If you decided on one and/or finished it, please do tell!

Baldwin IV and Roger de Flor would look good if they include the Crusaders and the Catalans as civs…Pizarro and the Italian Wars are already in AoE 3 because in fact they are part of the Renaissance…