Some campaigns have too few pics

Before we begin, I would like to point out the really high quality of arts in briefings, as well as the excellent acting from the voice actors in the paid DLC.
However, when we return to the base campaigns of the game, there is often a noticeable drop in quality - briefings are shorter, stories are not as heartfelt and detailed. And in some campaigns there are really few drawings and the same pictures are rotated. I remember that there was very little art in two campaigns:

  • Alaric (few art, wrong a-historical pix about Romans)
  • Attila (no pix about Romans)
  • Tamerlane (really very few arts, and this is especially sad to the fact that storytelling itself is good)
  • Suryavarman (on and on single pic of his face is shown)

If possible, I would ask devs to fill out the visuals of these campaigns.


We need more hero skins in the editor. Terrible shortage in the Rise of the Rajahs. New heroes but just using existing UUs

Suryavarman seems just a boring campaign with a boring plot. It needs way more than pics probably but yeah.

Attila has quite a lot of pics but none about the Roman army strangely enough. Maybe that’s for the better because Alaric has legionaries pictures but they’re from two or three centuries before… I would put Alaric instead of Attila in the poor pics department. Also mediocre campaign and terrible storytelling… no Stilicho…
“If it’s iron and blood the Romans want that’s what they’ll have” wow… sure, that’s just what happened…

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I paid a guy to make pictures with the correct legionaries. As soon as he finishes, I will upload them as a mod


Is that serious? May I know how much did you pay?

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12000 CLP

If I knew Photoshop I would have done it myself.

I had to use online money calc, for me it is 1300 Rub which is 1-2 market visits for food.

It’s probably a bigger expense for you. Of course, I don’t know what quality there is, but I just want to express my gratitude to you that you are ready to spend money on developing the game while the developers will simply ignore these arts and not correct theirs. Just thank you.

As for Photoshop, it’s not that simple. It is needed more for design, impressionism, collages. I’ve been a designer all my life, but can’t draw AoE style in Photoshop. This is done either in real life with a pencil, or on a tablet in a program that reproduces such real drawing.


Attila is because it is a The Conquerors campaign and they can’t change the cinematics much because they focus on what the Frankish monk tells and Suryavarman is because it is a Rise of Rajas campaign and it focuses a lot on the Khmer temples and Angkor Wat. …

This doesn’t seem like an explanation. In the first case, then it is generally worth showing only the monk.
In the case of Suryavarman, it is generally unclear what the explanation is. Basically only his face is shown there, on and on. It doesn’t matter what campaign is about, it’s just a poor pics pool.

Yes, maybe they weren’t very inspired or didn’t have time to put new images in both campaigns…

Hey Nebular and all the people who are interested


Looks very cool. But that wasn’t the only image where anachronistic legionaries appear.
There was one where you see legionaries on the background from gothic warriors pov. You can’t see them that much but it’s enough to understand they have anachronistic equipment like that one.
Also the image with the Roman general (?) With the helmet under his arm is off. The appearance of Aetius in Attila slides is the correct representation of a magister militum from that era.

If you can find them, I’ll update this mod, because I remember I searched all Attila and Alaric scenarios and didn’t find more. Even Manzikert, which in AoC had legionaries but now it’s updated

I can’t send them here but Alaric slides are not that much. If you check the folder you can find them. I mean maybe I’m being nitpicky and those slides are ok.

I just need the scenario number

Seen that. Gave you 5.

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I found some legionaries in the intro of Alaric 1 and Magister Militium Stilicho in the outro of Alaric 2

Intro for scenario 1 pics number 3, 4 and 5: there are legionaries in outdated equipment on the background.

Outro for scenario 2 pic 2: anachronistic general.

The rest is ok.

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There are a lot of drawings/reenactment of Magister militiums. I suppose this would be the better representation, because I doubt that pic represents Stilicho battling

This would be him reviewing the troops or commanding an army in the back

This too


The first is Stilicho himself or either Aetius. That diptych is now in Milan! So yeah it’s accurate.

Edit: also it proves once again that late Romans really are more medieval than ancient.

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