Some changes in Advanced Genie Editor are ignored


I’m making a mod that tweaks, rebalances and expands all of the vanilla units, buildings, techs and civs. While doing so, I noticed that some of the changes I do in Advanced Genie Editor, at least in the default version provided along with the Steam installation, do not take effect into the game. So far, I have noticed three of these changes that don’t take effect:

  • Civilisations icons/architecture sets,
  • Units graphics (all of them),
  • Charged abilities (all values).

All of these remain on default/vanilla values even when my modified data is loaded. Everything else that I have modified is still loading properly though.

Does anybody have an explanation and/or a solution?


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all of those work for me.

make sure you have the graphic box checked when copying graphics, also if you don’t have “automatic box” checked, then u need to manually click the copy button on top of genie editor to copy to the civ you want

I wonder if it’s because they are using the one that comes with the game, rather than the one from the actual site, would that change anything?

im not sure, im still using the older version but its all maintained by a guy named tapsa, so i would image they all work.

AGE3 is just front end stuff so changing value would work as long as backend recognizes it. unless somehow his dat file is corrupt upon save i dont see why it wouldn’t work.

the stuff normally dont work is because backend dont have the support. like the projectile hit mode and z-height collision of units that were “suppose to be” supported from several patches ago and still not working.