Some changes to underwhelming UTs

How many games have you actually seen where you get anywhere close to 5k resources sold?

Literally any game with bottomed out food and wood prices. It’s a necessary requirement to get from 100 fair price to 20 fair price. It’s split between the two players.

I dont know how often that happens.

One of the best defensive civs? Dafuk, Celts lack Bracer.


  1. Gimmicky change - Instantly convert an enemy non-siege unit when the Monk is sacrificed (press DELETE). Same effect as Sacrifice (formerly Martyrdom) from AOE1. AOE1 mechanics can be fitted in game way easier than AOE3 mechanics after all.
    Another gimmicky change will be monks will need only 75% of faith for a successful conversion and to start conversion. To make it easier to understand, after a successful conversion, monk’s faith will drop 100 → 25 instead of 0. And it can start another conversion when faith is recharged at 75. No need to wait till 100.
  2. Non gimmicky change - Monks +2 range
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Useless changes, they will still useless UTs.

Nomads is just kind of dumb. You are basically paying for a worse Hun bonus.

Stronghold also doesnt really fit the civ at all so honestly I would be fine to see it reworked

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Lol no. A civ without gunpowder, bracer and architecture cannot be a good defensive civ with only one bonus (that isnt even that good). Either way this bonus just doesnt fit Celts

Maybe Madrasah should be replaced with the “Arabian Horse” tech. 11

For real though, I always wished they would remove the ability to delete a unit that is being converted. I think it would be cool for Madrasah to instantly convert a target unit if the target unit takes fatal damage. It could also serve as a counter to Heresy, allowing the unit to be converted with 1HP rather than being killed.

Since Stronghold is meant to make up for the lack of Bracer, it could add Castle HP to make up for the lack of Architecture. Unfortunately, given how good Furora Celtica is, Stronghold can’t be too good.

Orthodoxy probably just needs to give Monks some more HP. It should be comparable with the Aztecs Monk HP bonus.

I just want paper money removed

What will be the effect of this UT?

Need to define what is fatal damage. If you consider this unit with only 1HP, then the new UT will be way more useless than it is now.

Arabian Horse was something that some guy kept proposing over and over again, so basically a joke, as denoted by the 11. I had a sneaking suspicion that he might be you, considering how he would always post about replacing Madrasah.

With the 33 gold refund, Madrasah is an entertaining way to deplete the enemy’s wood on team islands. I don’t like to see flavorful underused techs removed/replaced, but rather improved enough to where it is a sane decision to buy the tech in a normal game. Basically I think Madrasah needs to be either cheaper, increased in effectiveness, or bundled with an additional small perk like the one I proposed.

Probably you’re talking about Equalizer and his 15 alts.

That can works too.