Some (crazy) ideas to improve the game

Hi, I wanted to share some ideas, coming mostly from an AOE2 DE spectator and occasional player (vs IA).

Regular ideas

  • Monks should auto retrieve relics once picked up, just like villagers drop resources
  • Missionaries should be able to pick up relics
  • Archers should be able to attack ground
  • Units going uphill should move slower; units going downhill should move faster
  • Siege towers should be accessible in dark age and should fire arrows
  • Palisades and outposts should be built only by militia (at least in early ages). This one should be a natural extension to what happens with Donjons
  • It would be great to be able to farm an area by creating a rectangle with the cursor

Now, the crazy ones

  • Petards should not be suicides: they should carry the load from the siege workshop to the target (imagine a trade route, but with explosives). It would be more historically accurate and I think it could be fun trying to protect/destroy a petard line.

  • Make the Incendiary Camel unit invulnerable to melee attacks from mounted units. Mounted units should be repelled a couple of tiles when they get close. To make it more historically accurate, fleeing mounted units could even cause trample damage to all units nearby.
    It should be vulnerable to melee attacks from infantry units, though they should be damaged (they would get burnt). I think this would create a new micro mechanic and could be fun

I don’t say the game NEEDS those changes, I just wanted to share this ideas with you.

See ya!


God no.

Would require rebalancing archers.

This one is actually not a bad idea at least. May help to make them more useful.
But they have to move as slow as common monks while carrying a relic.

The biggest problem of the flaming camel I think is it have to research the UT first.
Let it trainable at the castle without the limit.

This is the only one that I really would like to see applied. Of course it should be balanced but i think worth it.

I would balance this way
4x4 tiles area of effect
60% of damage per arrow
RoF reduced

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Only Saracen Petards should remain suicide explosives.

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And where do you train this unit? barrack or tc?




Ummm okay


Oh plz no


Why ? [Charecter Limit]

I can imagine a couple of options:

  • If you want to make it civ oriented, this could be available only to cumans, who have the siege workshop available in feudal age. Ideally I think this should be present in every raider civilization (they would need to be nerfed in imperial imho if this is implemented)

  • It could be build in the TC as a one-shot, yes

  • It could be built directly by villagers or better yet, by infantry, like donjons

  • The siege workshop could be available in dark age. I know, building a s. workshop and a s. tower in dark age or feudal would leave you far behind economically. But if you manage to make some damage it could pay itself

This mechanic could be interesting, given the current walling supremacy (which I think is fine, given that rushing is so common this days)


That is wayy out of AoE2 timeline

I will quote the ones i agree with :slight_smile:

Old school players will say that the game is already easier for noobs than before and will be against this but i think that the comparison with villagers and resources is good.

I already read in a post that they could carry relics but while carrying move at the same speed than a regular monk. I think this would bring them back to the game.

I like it. Something like Arambai. I mean, if archers hit with attack ground they make 50% damage i.e or something like that.

Never thought of this but makes sense haha

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