Some generic suggestions to the game

Just wanted to get some opinion about which of these games changes would you like. These were some of my thoughts on changing the meta without actually making the current meta units unusable.

  • Advance to castle age 800f, 300g, players start with 150 gold, 150 stone instead of 100, 200
  • Heavy camel upgrade increases bonus against cav to +14 instead of +18, Camel civs except Gurjaras get Imperial Camel upgrade
  • Crossbowman upgrade costs 250 food 200 gold
  • Steppe lancer cost 60 food 40 gold
  • Steppe lancer cost 70 food 30 gold
  • Knight base attack reduced to 9, a new upgrade in stable that gives +2 vs archers, siege and buildings
  • Castles cost 600 stone, Franks discount down to 15%, Inca discount up to 20%
  • All infantry except spear line, woad, ghulam, eagles get +0.05 speed from castle age onwards.
  • Base cost of all infantry unique units with 1 p.armor or below, reduced by 10 food.
  • A tech similar to supplies in stable that reduces food cost of Battle elephants to 100 food.
  • Cost of bloodlines reduced to 125 food, 75 gold (from 150 food, 100 gold)
  • Upgrade time of wheelbarrow and handcart switched (75 s to 55 secs for wheelbarrow and 55s to 75s for handcart)
  • Crossbowman training time increased from 27s to 30s
  • Eagle warrior upgrade tech cost increased by 75 food

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I have two issues with this. The first: There isn’t an option to pick “None”, meaning you aren’t including those who don’t agree, but can’t be bothered commenting. The second: You should include what the current stats are that you’re changing from, not everyone can remember everything. If you alter the poll now, you won’t lose data, because there isn’t any.


Xbow upgrade cost is too cheap and probably need to be increased. But not just double.

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I would vote for more stuff if I could

Also not sure if changing the knight so much is the best way to do it, but I think it would likely need something in conjunction if xbow are nerfed to that extent

In a knight dominant meta why are there suggestions for buffing BL, and nerfing H camels?

I’m assuming a number of these are meant in conjunction with others and wouldn’t be viable without the other choices? So it’s almost a trap? You can’t vote for BL buff, without the corresponding knight nerf , xbow nerf and H camel nerf?

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I do have my own generic idea: Have the archer line and as well as the cavalry archer line get their wood cost replaced by food cost.

I have a similar idea: replacing the food cost of Elephant Archer and Steppe Lancer to wood cost. Just like what Ratha did.

Thanks for your suggestions, its quite valid. I included non-obvious things like crossbowman training time but assumed people would remember things like Steppe lancer cost which isn’t right. Unfortunately I couldn’t edit the poll afterwards. Will probably add more details in the next poll.

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Considering most people don’t even use SL, under the long built up belief they aren’t a very good unit, they probably don’t know how much they cost.