Some Genie Editor questions

  • Is the unit stat in AdvGenieEditor3 'Collision Size XYZ *’ the collision box for hits and arrows and such? (see block A) Is this the same as the ingame editor attributes Unit Size X and Unit Size Y?
  • What is the geometry of the hitboxes? Cylinder with base X*X*Pi() and height Y? A flat circle?
  • What does Min CS Multiplier do? Min CS Multiplier for Janissary is for example 1, for Woad Raider it’s .8
  • In terms of accuracy, does anyone know how to formulate accuracy based on the abovementioned attributes of the target, the attacker’s accuracy, attack dispersion (arc), projectile speed and range.
  • Is attack dispersion expressed in radians/arcminutes/… ? values [0.1, 0.2, 0.33, 0.45, 0.5, 0.75]

A (values of Collision Size XYZ *):

- (Elite) Karambit Warrior -> 0.15
- All other infantry and foot archers + Monk,Missionary -> 0.2
- All mounted units (except war wagon and Missionary) -> 0.25
- (Elite) Organ Gun -> 0.4
- Rams, (Elite) War Wagon, Siege Tower -> 0.45
- Other siege, all navy -> 0.5

ah yes, i had similar questions about this, and clearance size etc. i think clearance size is how much space a unit needs to be placed like a building foundation. the accuracy just takes the % and determines if the shot is going to hit or not before it even shoots if my sources are accurate, uses dispersion to modify misses shots. but after being fired there is colision testing done to determine if it actually does hit or if any other units get hit instead.

i believe the unit height plays into it but it does not seem to bd a conpletely 3d detection system. only if its within the colision area and at the correct height at that time. my best guess after much testing

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