Some gentle but still impactful nerfs to the Japanese

Since we all are here with the daily Japan complaint, here are some nerfs that can be impactful:

  • Shrines HP in discovery/commerce age reduced to 600/800 HP, they get back the 1600HP at Fortress, in this way they are easier to take down.
  • Ashigaru coin cost raised to 50 and speed reduced to 4,0 (They will eventually match the speed of other Musketeers and be a bit harder to mass), In compensiation you can reduce the Samurai cost to 95f, 90c, because they are overall unimpressive.
  • Remove one wood crate from start (maybe 100 wood, replace it with one from other resource so they need to choop wood from start before getting the Consulate to ally with Portuguese, their start will be slower).
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“gentle nerfs” lol. That kills japanese in lategame and early game


Then how you nerf them?, people won’t be happy until this civ is hard nerfed-_-
Go and look all japanese complaints in this forum

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created by the same 5 people.
Shrines not being buildable by monks or making them easier to kill would be decent.
I would change the samurai in a way, where the card makes them faster and cheaper, that would maybe make them usable

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I would also like to see ashigaru speed reduced, but I dont think it will happen because it has to do with the identity of the civ.
That being said, one indirect nerf to ashis could be to enable military drummers to be researched without the need for an advanced arsenal.

Yeah shrines definitely need a hp nerf, those things have so much hp to bring down, I think the only 3 nerfs japan need is shrine hp nerf, removing 100 wood and giving 100 food, and ashi Speed to 4.3 (slightly more than coroleans)

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Please don’t nerf Ashigaru, they are alright due to their big cost. Also, the suggested nerf is not gentle, +10c cost is already big by itself and you even suggested another big stats nerf on top of that XD.

Minus 100w start is brutal, let’s remember that Iro(now Hauds) went from absolute OP on legacy to alright on DE just by removing 100w from the starting crates. This kind of nerf to Japan would kill then, that would not be gentle at all, trust me

If anything needs to be nerfed for Japan it’s the shrines and the fact that they are almost unraidable…but halving the HP is insane, I suggest something like 1200hp like regular houses.


That’s too harsh. The Portuguese consulate build was already nerfed, and Japanese needs more wood than the normal.

As I mentioned on another topic, Japan on early game is already weak. I don’t know about late game, but any nerf on early game would hurt the nation severely.

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These suggestions further underline the fact that most people on this forum don’t understand how Japan even works.
Try playing it for 2 weeks, and then see if you think they are still OP.


I already played them for several time and yes they aren’t OP, but still some things they have are a bit unfair.

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At the end of what you said you answered our reasoning japan is too weak early and too strong late. 100 wood would be exchanged into 100 food and I would even be fine with them removing 100gold from japans start and giving them another 100 food. As that would actually buff the early game by letting them age faster

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Asymmetrical balance does that to game design. Not all civs have to be identical. We have aoe2 for that.

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Japan is one of my favorite civ, but i cant use them for treaty 40 min 1vs1. Because the bad eco. And 30 sheeps is not enough and you waste 900 greens . So you cant have enough to start a good fight. And eco fails, A better solution is taking the livestock out from consulate and give the options to shirne to produce limit cats yes other type of animal so they can cost 80 of food. And japan will be great again in 1vs1, and stop bothering mates for sheep or cows .