Some ideas, bonuses and UTs for future civs

Hello everyone!

I wrote a topic before about some interesting ideas that could be fun to have in the game. Today I have herr some ideas that could be new UTs or bonuses for future civs.

For a Cavalry archer civ:

-Cavalry archers renegrate hp

-New cavalry archer UU that fire while moving

-UT that make CA units or the UU fire while moving

-Cavalry archers deal a bonus damage vs mounted units

-Cavalry archers created faster (could be free civ bonus for future civs or current civs)

-Heavy cavalry archer upgrade 50% cheaper

-Thumb ring, parthian tactics 50% cheaper

-Heavy cavalry archer upgrade cost no food/gold

-Falling CA units return 33% cost (discount numbers can be different depends on balance).

For an Archer civ:

-Ballistics free

-Ballistics 50% cheaper

-Xbow upgrade free

-Xbow upgrade & Arbalester upgrade 50% cheaper

-Archers regenerate hp (could be free not a UT maybe, depends)

-Fletching, Bodkin and Bracer free

-Fletching , Bodkin and Bracer 50% cheaper

-Falling archers units return 33% cost (discount numbers can be different depends on balance)

For a knight civ:

-Knights regenrate hp (UT)

-Falling knight return 33% cost (discount numbers can be different depends on balance)

-Knights deal bonus damage vs buildings.

-Barding armor, chain barding armor and plate barding armor are free

-Barding armor, chain barding armor and plate barding armor 50% cheaper

-Bloodlines 50% cheaper

There will be more ideas later

Have fun!

Do you even know about half the civs in the game? You do realise how much overlap there is between"-50% stable tech discount" and “-50% blood lines” and “free blood lines”

Nevermind there literally already is a UT to produce CA faster

Or how broken free ballistics is

Or how insanely broken free archer attack upgrades are

Or how broken bonus damage for CA will be

Or how broken “fire while moving” will be.

I’m sorry but did you consider any balance implications or existing overlap?

Nevermind a number of the rest of the deas have all been mentioned before. For example people have suggested Bengalis get free cav armour upgrades numerous times.

A number of these are straight out of aoe4 right? :joy:

Dont forget his thumbring and parth tactics is 50% off. We literally have tatars getting them for free. Why give a civ a worse version?

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Actually there is none since the civ that have 50% discount on stable doesn’t have bloodlines.

I have a feeling even if you give them free archer attack upgrade they won’t be broken.

Agree. Most people said that Infantry and cavalry attacks ignore armor are totally broken.

Source please? Ive seen it as contentious subject but i dont think i could say most think its broke

I think Cloudact said this back when official DOI announcement was released with civ bonuses and tech tree.