Some ideas that can be introduced in the game for existed or future civs!

Hello everyone!

I have here some interesting ideas that will be so fun to have them in the game as new bonuses for future civs or for existed civs that will add more diversity to the game. I wanted to share them with you and know your opinions so lets start!

-Destroying economic buildings will make you receive gold!

Example: Destroying mills, lumbercamps, mining gives you 50 gold each! Destroying market gives you 150G, farms 10 gold.

-Each enemy unit will be killed by your units, you gain 50% of the unit cost, can be also 25%, 33%, etc. Depending what will be the good for the balance.

-Each enemy unit will be killed by your units, you gain 10 gold. Numbers can be different too depending on the balance.

-Destroying blacksmith will give you free blacksmith upgrade, or give your units +1 melee armor or +1 attack (for one time only).

-In castle age, killing 3 units from the enemy, your TC will spam 1 UU.

-Killing 3 enemy units from a specific class will make your military building spam 1 unit of the same type

Example: You killed a 3 scouts in feudal, if you have stable you get 1 scout. 3 archers, you get 1 archer, etc.

-Researching eco upgrades give you 33% gold of the upgrade total cost. Numbers can be different depending on the balance.

-Your TC can research wheelbarrow, Handcart, Town watch, etc… But at the same time won’t be idle and can continue making vills.

-Blacksmith can research more then 1 upgrade at the same time.

-Military buildings can research military upgrades and at the same time make units.

-Falling units return 33% of their food cost.

-Falling units return 33% of their total cost.

-Falling units return 33% of their gold cost.

-falling units return 33% of their wood cost.

There may be more ideas later!

Have fun!

Hi, I read all and honestly the only concept I like is this:

I made a thread proposing to give this feature for Vikings

The “kill units give you res in return” ideas don’t like me because if you kill your enemy unit are already “wining” plus that an eco reward would make the snowball too strong.

The “own units killed return res when die” could work, but imo is a boring bonus and doesn’t reward the good player.

The rest of them feels weird/impractical/useless to me and believe me, I’m not a conservative member.

Hope don’t take bad my devolution



It is all fine friend! We here to discuss.

Many greetings

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I really don’t like the idea of receiving resources for kills/razes because I expect it to encourage delete micro.
Delete micro might not be feasible for average players, but the very fact that its optimal would reduce fun for me.

As for receiving resources for fallen units, that’s actually an idea with a lot of potential.
The idea for a UT that returns part of the gold cost of a fallen knight or monk has been floating around for a long time.
I’d also be excited for a civ that receives food or gold for fallen (or deleted) villagers, and/or receives a partial refund for fallen fishing ships.

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it is true that some of these ideas have some shapes in the game now but some of them is still fun to have like the spam unit after killing enemy units or the blacksmith destruction.

Many greetings

I can add one:
-Add a feature for vils that let you unbuild wooden buildings and get the resources back.

Example: pick your vil. Select the “Unbuild” option (a new button next to repair button), and click on the building you want to unbuild. With the first hammer hit the building turn in foundation sprite. When the unbuilding finish you get the resources and the building foundations disappears. Unbuilding time is the same as building time for each building.

Pros: resources back
Cons: Take vils time

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Nice! Can be interesting idea to have in game.

It could be coupled to a civ that lacks a lot of eco upgrades, and then you get the reward so long as you damaged the building and it is destroyed/deleted.

It could even be a UU ability. ie, if building is damaged by “shaman” you gain 50% of the Res value if it’s destroyed/deleted.

This is just an example and scale accordingly. Returning Res value makes it much easier to implement, as returning gold gives higher potential for OP returns in late imperial

I like the first because it encourages decision making from both the player and the opponent

The 2nd is potentially tough to balance, the game already snowballs fairly easily ie the winner usually wins more and it’s difficult to make a comeback

It also varies a lot depending on the opposing civ, which varies how strong this bonus is depending on matchups (Vs infantry civs it will be much stronger than Vs cav civs)

Therefore imo it’s easier to balanced if it’s “as you lose 3 units you gain 1 UU”, because then you can balance around the player’s civ. It also curbs snowballing, which is what the game needs.

Might actually work as minor civ bonus, on top of others. Like all military buildings don’t use a production queue slot to research

I would rather just make a UT (maybe civ bonus) that just allows X building to have dual queues. As being able to research and train is a bit of a waste and/or not consistent

For example dual queues could be a UT on a castle, for castles in the castle age, for a civ that wants to train castle units, whether that’s petards or UU. And later in imperial age it helps a lot with trebs, conscription, Elite upgrade etc.

And it’s potentially something a civ like Ethiopians could get instead of waste of space royal heirs

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