Some Inca changes

I think Inca need some changes. I find it really difficult to fight with them especially in the later ages. Here’s what I propose…


  1. Faster animation so they feel like a real dragoon unit.

  2. Tagged as a dragoon unit so they’re not easily taken out by artillery.


  1. Longer range. Right now you have to get up so close to the enemy’s army to take out artillery that you end up losing a lot of huracas.

  2. More resistance against infantry.


  1. Get rid of the American allies card and make them these allies available at the start just like Asian consulates.

  2. Being able to end relations with a native ally like the Asian consulate can do (penalty for ending relations).

  3. Once the additional native cards are sent (Tupi, Mayan, and Jesuit), they become additional options at the embassy to create alliances with.

Kancha houses

  1. Kancha houses are reduced to 125 wood.

  2. Big button is reduced to 160 per resource.

  3. Big button doubles the number a vils you can receive each age you wait to use it (resource cost also doubles).

  4. Can train llamas


  1. Receives a Peruvian dog at the start.

All good but the Llamas trainable at the Kanchas is just broken, Herdables are trained at farms because they are the fastest food source lol, and is a bigger investment, with that mechanic you can basically just reduce the neccesity to search for huntables, also having even more food at the safety of your base for a civ that already get safe food lol.


all great suggestions that i think inca need, especially like the idea for the embassy.


I don’t think this would be very practical to use them as hunts. You’re spending 70 food to get 70 food of a llama. They’re slow to fatten anyways. The idea behind kancha training llamas is because the community plaza would be used more (they don’t fatten while dancing too). Since other livestock can’t dance, the community plaza is only worth using on a map with llamas. If other livestock would dance then I wouldn’t suggest it. Maybe allow all livestock to dance but at a lower rate than llamas dancing?

They need redesign, they are more efficient against musketeers than against cavalry

If you give them more rank, they should have multipliers only against artillery, like the Aztec skull archer

It could be a good adhesion, but I like how it is currently, the Inca rush was very powerful before, imagine it now, so it would be necessary to eliminate the card that provides native warriors of each ally so that it is balanced.

Everything you propose would break the Incas, as well as the houses are fine.

This can be good, or maybe a chasqui, the Inca WC has several very complicated treasures at the beginning, something that other explorers do not suffer.

I think you need to roll back femaletemper
If you roll back inka is stronger than last inka

  1. Huaracas need to have negative multiplier against infantry or they will be super OP.
  2. Kanchas are already good if you reduce the wood also need to reduce trickle.

Perhaps you’re right about the wood cost but I think the big button is a scam in it’s current state. 540 resources for 4 villagers? As far as the llamas, I think they’re pointless to use as dancers and early use of the plaza as well in the current state. Building a farm in the early game to get llamas is too big of an investment. If other livestock could dance at the plaza but at a reduced rate than the llamas, then I think it would be good.

Probably just a negative multiplier against heavy infantry since bolas and jungle bowman are used to counter them.

Adding llamas on the CP + triggering the age 1 card is more of a mid game event.

I am not sure the result, but I tried before they are quite effective counting infantry due to ignoring resistance.

You know, I want to try and play a little bit of Inca…

Someone have a guide for how to play this particular civ?

Everything I found out searching was a old Youtube video of Diarouga explaining a rush build order.

here are some guides: Incas Turtle their way to Fast Industrial - No Idle TC - Age of Empires 3 DE

Aussie_Drongo has a age up/starting guide also.

Personally I go for early chimu rushes though and keep up constant pressure, otherwise you fall behind quickly vs more powerful civs. Keep building kanchas iteratively and be wary of cav raids yourself, inca suffer heavily vs cav due to the slow spearmen.

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Inca in the treaty is super strong. if by later ages you mean fortress/industrial then maybe. In the treaty, they are the top 5 civilizations. Buffing Bolas and Huaraca would make them broken in treaty. Let’s say if they get shock infantry tag just like eagle runners, they would be broken because they have area damage and snare ability. Huaracas range are quiet good, if you want siege unit just use captured mortars post imperial. I guess your suggestion has to be more specific in terms of “later ages” because they are in a fine position in treaty atm.

Never considered how they’d work in treaty but I’m referring to non-treaty games.

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Why lead him astray like that. The op meta is bowmen and pikes. It’s hard to beat. Then when you just about get the point the recover aa batch of chimus will appear and run through everything you got and kill your artillery. Good times!