Some innacurate game translations

Game Version: Latest

  • **Build: Latest
  • Platform: Steam
  • Operating System: Windows 10


Even through you corrected some incorrect game transaltions, some values and descriptiosn are still wrong

Reproduction Steps:

  1. Put the game in Latin Spanish
  2. Go to the Tech tree of some civs



Bagains currently is +5 melee armor, and Stirrups attack increase is 33%.

WTF with this? Thumb Ring and Parthian Tactics are showed as free, also in the Tatar Tech tree it is named “Anillo de Pulgar” when is “Dactilera”.
Not to mention that the Siege weapon fire rate is +25% faster.

Again with the Japanese, and the infantry attack speed is 33%.

The Hunter Bonus is 40%, and the Cavalry Archer one is 25% faster.

The Saracen Archer Bonus is currently +1/+2/+3 attack in feudal/castle/imperial age.
Saracen Galleys fire 25% faster.
The Team Bonus is +2 attack vs buildings.

Wow I never noticed that the Elephant Archer wants to be Berber…
And the attack bonus of camels is +6.

Well, the +1 melee armor bonus seems to be in english no? in spanish it should be: Unidades de cuartel obtienen +1 de armadura cuerpo a cuerpo desde la edad de los castillos.

Boiling Oil no longer exists… even through is displayed in the left where the Unique Techs are displayed.

Some other that could be true but I didn’t check:
Burmese Unique Tech “Manipuri Cavalry”.
Goths new Bonuses, and the currently increase of Perfusion which is +100%.
Cuman Unique Tech “Steppe Husbandry” which increase is +100%.
Spanish and Ethiopians firing rate of Gunpowder and Foot archers is +18% faster.

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