Some Legacy civs are too advanced, and many cut/changed contents were unjustified cut/changed

Am I the only one who consider some Legacy of civs are just too advanced?
They started from or before 16th century without melee or bow type weapons???
Some of theme had these type infantries in the beta, but been cut for unknown reason.
Just like Swedes and Italian also Europe maps were planned but scrapped in the final release.
I really hope these units could returned.
If these were for balance reason, then just give civs card or technology to access these lack of units, like Dutch can access Musketeers by “Blue Guards” technology.

  • Ottoman without melee and bow infantries, using Janissary as its ONLY infantry since 2005 was just too empty and make it too advanced.
    I really appreciate DE developers adding Nizam Fusilier in the game, but we still need Medieval-type infantry to make Ottoman more like 16th century before civ.
    Osmanlı ordusu (klasik dönem) - Vikipedi
    And maybe allow player to train Nizam Fusilier at the Barrack in Age IV? please~ :partying_face:
  • The Indian were jut too Company-type units, maybe change the name of Sepoy into Banduqchis and change the Camel-type melee cavalries with Islam-style Armor like Sennar Horseman, make them more Islamic, more Mughal.
    Army of the Mughal Empire - Wikipedia
  • The Germans and Dutch could train Musketeers normally in the Barracks in the beta; German Musketeers’ unused voice files still exist in the Scenario Editor and game files.
  • The Dutch originally had the Crossbowman…
  • A second unit was planned for the Comanche, the Comanche Lancer. A placeholder unit portrait exists in the game files.
  • A Colony Ship was planned, but its intended function is unknown.
  • Chilche would have a greater participation in Act I: Blood, there are unused voice files for his in-game unit in the game files.
  • A campaign hero called “Neamathla” was cut. Historically, Neamathla was the leader of the Hitchiti tribe, and was most likely involved in the Act III: Steel campaign in the The Lost Spanish Gold scenario.
  • There was another Infantry-type unit called the Swordsman, which was available to the Italians, Russians, and Ottomans.
    Армия Русского государства — Википедия
    The Spanish Rodelero and German Zweihander would have been unique variants.
  • A Zweihander unit was planned, most likely intended to be unique German Swordsmen. The concept was ultimately implemented in the form of the Doppelsoldner, and Zweihander assets were reused for the Doppelsoldner, Boneguard Swordsman, and Landsknecht.
    The Zweihander itself became a technology used to improve the Doppelsoldner.
  • Ensemble planned for the Discovery Age to include Knights and the aforementioned Swordsmen.
    For this reason, there is a Barracks appearance for the Discovery Age, shared by all European civilizations.
  • A third unit was planned for the Nootka, the Nootka Knife Fighter. A unit portrait exists in the game files.
  • A Nootka technology called “Nootka Harpoon” was planned. A technology portrait exists in the game files.
  • A ranged infantry Mongolian mercenary was planned.
  • According to a unused texture in the game files (trade_buy_fame.ddt ), it would be possible to exchange Coin for Experience in the Market (since the experience resource was originally called fame).
  • Originally there were special Resources that would (depending on their type) appear, including Cotton, Tobacco, Sugar Cane and Spice.
  • Urumi Swordsman were originally planned for the Indians as trainable units in the Barracks and Gurkha as units that are exclusive to Home City shipments. Their roles were switched.
  • Italians was featured subclasses based on city-states such as Genoa, Venezia, and Milano with their own unique bonuses and units.
  • Many Home City technologies were planned to be available in the retail version of the game, such as choosing the politician for the Home City, but were cut.

No, it’s been quite justified for the sake of balance, iteration and diversity.


You could give civs card or technology to access these lack of units, just like Dutch can access Musketeers by “Blue Guards” technology.

This got me thinking a bit.

Maybe a card called “Zollverein” if we want it to be implemented in the current game.
This card allows the player or maybe even the team of the player to buy and sell XP in the marketplace.

I’m not sure which age this card should be in, but for balance, the XP in the market will definitely be a high-priced, and very fast inflation and deflation resource. In addition, there might be other restrictions, such as setting a purchase limit, which the market offers the most maybe 4000 XP unless you sell XP.