Some mods require game restart to function

Game Version: 101.101.32911.0

  • Build 4395365
  • Steam platform


Some mods require a restart before they function correctly. Some mods don’t. All these mods are client-side graphical mods.

Reproduction Steps:

  1. Install (for example) “Smooth Ground Textures with Grid NoSnow
  2. Start a any sort of game and there will be snow and no grid.
  3. Restart the game (if the mod doesn’t dissapear (other thread))
  4. Start a any sort of game and the mod works
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This is not a bug, this is just how it works.

Is it possbile to maybe show this somewhere? Or when a new mod is finished installing it shows: “Please restart the game for the mods to take effect”


Does that mean every single texture is loaded into memory on startup?

Sounds like it is… Would explain the high memory requirements

It loads the required textures for the UI first (like the main menu), then the rest is loaded in the background so its ready when you go to switch UI screens.

The in-game assets are handled differently, and that system is still being updated so I’m not 100% clear on the specifics at this time, but generally it will requires the game to be started before it knows what to load and it won’t unload things unless it needs the space so you can start a second game faster.

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The game should definitely show a hint about this somewhere. I installed a grid mod, and since no grid showed up, I thought it was broken. (And then on the next start of the game, the mod was removed).

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Is it possible to place a sign somewhere about this?
Would make it a lot more clear.

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