Some new ideas for bonuses/techs/units

  1. Petards blast radius increased.
    ->This unit is surely underutilized. By increasing the Blast Radius, I aim that it hurts more than 2 buildings if they are close enough.

  2. Chariot/Charioteer: This unit is present in the game as Tsar Constantine in Ivaylo 1st mission. The design of the unit is actually great. The unit in the game is a hero unit and its sprite is unused other than the Hero unit.

It is to a Paladin, what a War Wagon is to a Cavalry Archer, slightly slower but more HP. An interesting mechanic for this unit can be it is affected by Bloodlines twice or thrice since it has 2 or 3 horses (I don’t remember exactly) or it can be a heavy Cavalry unit for a civ which lacks Bloodlines, just how Koreans do not have Bloodlines.

Stats: 200 HP and 275 HP (Elite) (if civ does not have Bloodlines)
Attack: 12 attack melee and 15 attack melee (Elite)
Speed: 1.2
Armor: 1/2 and 1/3 (Elite)
Attack bonuses for the unit: none
Attack bonuses against the unit: Cavalry - takes 50% more damage by setting attack bonus resistance to -0.5
Special ability: does not receive attack bonus from Samurais (does not have unique unit armor class)

Basically a fast battle elefant?

I feel that the Battle Elephant has too less HP compared to the War Elephant.

Thanks for pointing out. This won’t be much of a problem since this will be a unique unit. However, if the devs try to give it as a regional Cavalry unit say to India it can get its HP changed to 150 and 225 (Elite)

Chariots were obsolete before medieval era started


Well the unit is immensely cheaper and available in stables, of course it has to be magnitudes weaker than war eles.

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