Some of my annoyances with prelate commands, and cycling priority

I mean this mostly as an issue for me when playing HRE and selecting a single prelate with however many vils brings up the prelates commands instead of the vils builld menu. Even if its just 1 prelate and 20 vils smart drag always defaults to the commands of the prelate.
My issue with cycle priority is that I wish we had an option to change that garrisoned units tend to pop up first when cycling through idle vils and prelates, despite these being the lowest priority and are often supposed to be garrisoned. Particularly since first prelate usually goes in to aachen and you spend the rest of the game cycling through the aachen prelate to get to other prelates.

My own preference would be a check box in the options menu to move garrisoned units down to the bottom of the cycle list, and have smart drag select commands for the most numerous unit in the selection.

And while i’m on the topic of complaining about small things, it also seems like prelates should have a seek shelter function. They have an open spot where it’s supposed to be and its a lot of extra APM to have to move villagers into shelter, then individually select prelates and garrison them.

But also I don’t want it to seem like all the complaints mean I have a negative opinion of the game. The game is fantastic, but has me playing enough to where these little issues get bothersome since i’m a lower APM player and HRE becomes difficult to manage if you are trying to keep up with all these things.

you’re right about this, but its the same with army + vill selection and also vills + IO

i too get annoyed. vills should always be first

also having a hotkey to select only a certain unit type out of many unit types would be nice to have (not important tho)