Some of my observation(bugs) and suggestion for editors


  1. Magyar Huszar idle stance image is not completely shown which spear head does not show.
    (See images in replies)

  2. Editor ‘Color Mood’ totally bugged, it cannot change the mood immediately while you click another color mood. It is not the Trigger Effect, it is the Color Mood in ‘Map’.

  3. Vietnamese vision are bugged in Option in Editor. Also, erase the TC that placed in the editor still leaves the TC accessory for vietnamese vision while in test(Using erase invisible objects/buildings are also useless, have to copy the map to cover the place where the TC is).

These are just my own personal suggestions, ignore if you are not interested.
6. Ghulam as infantry but does not have attack against the cavalry(Though some infantries do not have attack against cav, they still reserve 0 attack(against cav) for any reasons that they will be affected by ‘Chieftains’)

  1. The attribute ‘Unit Trait’ and ‘Trait Piece’ for units to build something are actually useless. Since these functions require units have the ‘Tasks’ set in Advanced Genie Editor so they can do so(For example: Serjeant). Therefore, any units except vils / serjeants / fishing ship that have been modified to have the ability to build something, they cannot place the foundation though they already have the icon on their command panel(They dont have the tasks 101(build) and 106(repair) like Serjeants). Also, adding tasks for units is suggested for this.

  2. Suggestion: Speed Up bonus effect source unit(Caravanserai) can be modified to other types of units, like soldiers, civilian, not just limited to buildings. The only unit that can move as a building is packed TC, so making a moving unit that provides bonus in range is almost impossible. Also, more speed bonus(attributes) should be provided in editor for more fun to have, not just ‘regeneration’, ‘work rate’, and ‘movement speed’.

  3. Suggestion: Adding a function to force showing ‘Objective menu’ (click F6 manually) like official campaigns do initially for custom campaigns.


The Ghulam isn’t meant to have bonus damage against cav, is the problem that techs like Chieftains don’t affect it?

I mean, all infantries should reserve the attack against cavalry(most of them set to 0 for chieftain or civ bonus), but ghluam as infantry even does not have this class of attack reserved. So why chieftain does not affect it.

Hey @ilam8778

Thanks for the report. One of the main reasons why we prefer things to be in individual topics rather than lists, is that these reports now lack a lot of crucial information such as reproduction steps, and asking for these things can cause a lot of confusion in the same topic.

Could you give me more information about 3, 4 and 10?
4 I was unable to reproduce, I am able to garrison both packed trebuchets and relic carts in transport ships.

Thanks for the reply and apologize for the rule for topic posting.

Never mind, 4 is fixed already and the Burmese reveal relics bonus, and I delete all the content that already fixed in game.

The purple frame on the ground cannot be deleted by any erase function except one - copy map to cover it.
The left one is the enemy TC I later delete after first test.

The spear head is out of range of image

Alright, after some investigation, the Magyar huzsar issue is already tracked.

The TC issue however is still not clear to me. Could you give me a list of steps of what you are doing and what the actual and expected results are?
Attaching a scenario could also be very useful.


First, pick ‘Vietnamese’ as civ, and disable ‘Vietamese Vision’ in Option in Editor. (Disable is not the must step)

Then, place enemies’ TC and do a test, then end the test back to editor. At this time, Vietnamese vision accessory of TC created(The purple frame exists).

Since here, I cannot delete the purple frame by using ‘Delete’ in ‘Units’ panel or ‘Erase’ in terrain if I want to remove the TC or place to anywhere else. Then the purple frame will be still there and never disappear(the second image I post) unless I use ‘Copy Map’ to cover it by copying and pasting other terrain.

The two places ‘explored’ in second image are made by the purple frame(created by Vietnamese Vision).

It’s not just the purple frame. There isn’t an easy way (copy paste areas is the only thing that works) if you need to remove an invisible object or map revealer, which is really annoying.

I think I have told TriRem about point 7 in my research

Hey @ilam8778

Thanks for the steps!

The first issue about the option being disabled is already tracked.
The second issue of not being able to remove the vision “unit” is now clear to me, and I can make a ticket on it :slight_smile:

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