Some of RMS maps are too extreme for their resources allocation

Some of RMS are too much extreme (Especially resources location or allocation)

Gold Rush, GOLDEN SWAM?, Golden pit :
Too small stone and gold for their main base and too much Gold of center
at least Assure 2 main unit’s full upgrade and massive them in IMP
So do this give Arabia gold 7+4+4 and stone 5+4.
By doing so, We can expect dramatic game after some one take center gold

How about acropolis?

the map’s purpose is giving players good main base on the hill.
By doing so players can protect and develop themselves. and then fight later.
But now many players don’t think their main base is good for their future!
cuz Too rare gold, stone, Even wood make them get down the hill from dark to feudal ages.
It looks really strange compared to the map’s intention.

Give resources like Arabia(for IMP massive) or 2/3 Arabia(for Castle Massive) = Gold and Stone)
and must give plentiful woods (I think more than X3 compared to now) on the hill…

Please make too much infant players’ map!

Gold RMS Series and Acropolis and Other maps I didn’t play.
Make too too much infant play.

And Also make arabia diverse.
3 Map choice each. not random 1 one arabia
New.Green arabia(Easy wallable)
New.Dry Ababia(Hard Wallable)
Current. Normal Arabia(Now)

That is the idea of the map. u need to contest the middle and get access to the gold . whats the problem of that?.

The idea of ​​that map is start on a safe location but eventually u need to move to access safe wood and gold? i think u are misreading the map strategy.

i agree on that

That is the idea of the map. u need to contest the middle and get access to the gold . whats the problem of that?.

Too much infant play. should give more resourse and make IMP massive fight more.
Now When IMP -> someone take center and almost finished early IMP not later IMP

The idea of ​​that map is start on a safe location but eventually u need to move to access safe wood and gold? i think u are misreading the map strategy.
-> Yes Eventually move!! but now? move immediately after starting game. cuz very poor resources of up hills

That map alredy exist is called Arena. and tbh and u must take the middle on late castle age not imp. i feel u are just booming and taking late the middle and u rage cause there is low gold on ur starting location. so u are reading bad the map.

and what is the problem of that? i see the meta is move to a decent forest on feudal. and then TC on safe area.

in general all maps wich force u to move and contest the map are good maps, cause teach u how to adapt and read the game better. if u have struggle with that just learn how to play those specific maps, not come and ask the devs to change the maps

It is totally different to Arena and BF ^^

constantly attack and defense from feudal and IMP

Cuz it’s Open map! but have many hill fight.

Agreed, could be fun.

For the other maps, just don’t play them if you don’t like them.

These maps are meant to be played different. Those maps with Gold in the middle are about controlling the middle. You want to take the middle, while you want to deny the enemy to take the middle. The make sure you have to fight for the middle, you start with less gold, but overall there is more gold on the maps, but it is all centered in the middle.

Yes but 90% of gold are center.
For example. I want 1 : 1 : 1 ratio are very good for good play.

1 are for player 1
1 are for player 2
1 are neutral for both (Center gold)

then it wouldnt be Golden Swamp

and Gold Rush won’t be Gold Rush. What would be the point of gold rush if you have the same amount of gold in your base as on the middle? Then it won’t be Gold Rush

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No, 1:1:1 ratio is enough.
Each 1 for player are used for many upgrade and research
But In late game center gold are only for use Unit production
cuz. It’s late game and it mean many U&R are already made.

33% are very good for current 90% of gold. please think
which RTS have these strange resources’ ratio map?

The map is designed to entice players to fight for the center in castle/early imp
Having too many resources in the player bases would drag out games for way too long, and encourage turtling, which is not really the point of gold rush.
Maybe you want to play maps like black forest instead

Gold series
problem is their fight are mainly concluded in Early Castle not imp
so I suggest now to delay to IMP

And Acropolis
Early Feudal concluded more faster than arabia, cuz foward wooden camp
but it’s for defensive map for purpose(hill)
If it is faster than arabia? It’s is problem.
So need more resources can resolve this problem

I don’t see this as an issue
I guess that’s a matter of opinion then.
But the way the maps are currently balanced, it’s how it’ll stay until devs decide otherwise. And considering the theme of the map, it’ll probably stay this way, since the intent is to rush the center to get the gold and deny it to your enemy (hence the name: gold rush).

People like this map the way it is, maybe you could instead suggest a new map :slight_smile:

Not every game needs to go to imperial. Gold rush and lookalikes are just their to spice thing up. It is not only about defending your own base and attacking the base of the enemy, but also about controlling the middle. I have seen many games in which one player took control of the middle in castle age, but get pushed back of the middle by the other player in imperial age, when you can treb down castles and other buildings and in the end win the game. The dynamics of these maps is just different then other maps and that is fine to me.

If you put to much gold in the own bases, the middle becomes less important and the game just plays out like a normal Arabia game. Like i already said: These maps are made to be played different.

Arabia was never the most aggressive maps. A map like Serengeti, currently in the map pool, is more open and more difficult to wall then Arabia. If you have issues with Acropolis for this reason, you most likely also have issues with Serengeti with being too open?

Acropolis is also just another kind of map. Pushing up the hill is difficult, but to make it not a campy map, they just said all the wood is in the middle, so you need to leave your hill. That makes the map more fun to me.

If you want late game fights, just go to maps like Arena or Black Forest. Those maps usually goes late game.